Beijing has clear ideas about Taiwan and does not want to move from its position. China is sending a clear message to everyone and especially to the United States. The last meeting apparently served to bring the two countries that remain in distant but also dangerous positions.

Beijing on Taiwan:

Beijing on Taiwan: “We will not hesitate to start a war”

Another question and answer between the US and China that alarms the whole world. The US returns to the Taiwan question again and asks Beijing for “arefrain from further destabilizing actions against Taiwan ”. On the other side, China threatens a war if Taiwan declares independence. “If anyone dares to divide Taiwan from China, the Chinese army will not hesitate to start a war “Wu Qian, a spokesman for the Chinese defense ministry, said, citing his minister Weu Fenghe.

In the meeting between the Chinese and American defense ministers Austin there were many different but above all delicate exchanges of ideas. In fact, Austin spoke of the “need to responsibly manage the competition and keep the lines of communication open “ and stressed how important it is that “The Chinese People’s Liberation Army engages in concrete dialogue to improve communications in crises and reduce strategic risk”. For his part, Wei Fenghe warns that Beijing will not hesitate to “destroy any conspiracy in Taiwan in a thousand pieces ”and which will“ resolutely support unification by the motherland ”.

China-US tensions continue

A few weeks ago the American president Joe Biden stated that the United States of America is ready to intervene against China in case Beijing should attack the island. However, China considers Taiwan to be part of its territory.

Here the balances become more and more in the balance than ever. Peace and stability in Asia-Pacific “need the joint efforts of the countries of the region to be maintained” underlined Minister Wei. The situation is really complex and the twists are around the corner.The US recently announced another arms sale that seriously undermined China’s sovereignty and security interests “reads a note. “The Chinese government and army will destroy any attempt at Taiwan’s independence and safeguard reunification.” Despite the last meetingthe tension remains very high and the risk of a war is more than my real one.

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