Increasingly embarked on a new musical career, Johnny Depp has released a video anticipating the “18” album recorded with his friend and mentor Jeff Beck. The 58-year-old actor has written two songs for the new project composed for the rest of covers by other artists and the one released in the clip is a song for Hedy Lamarr. “I no longer believe in human beings”: the homage to the screen siren who died in 2000 at the age of 85 is a reflection on the illusion of fame. Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler with the stage name of Hedy Lamarr was for a long time to the Hollywood audience, an exotic and bewitching character embodying the archetype of the independent and somewhat insane woman, but the limelight accentuated the distance between the his identities which, with the spotlights off, combined in an articulated and painful life path. An alter ego of Depp? The other track signed by “Pirata” is called “Sad Motherfuckin ‘Parade”.
The album will be released on July 15th on CD and on digital platforms with a vinyl version expected on September 30th. The words of the new song have been passed under the microscope in the light of the legal saga that has pitted Johnny against his ex-wife Amber Heard since April. This despite, apparently, the song would not have been composed recently. Beck said he went crazy after hearing it for the first time and that the song convinced him three years ago to do the album together. “This is a Song for Miss Hedy Lamarr” describes the Austrian-American actress famous in the 1940s as a victim of fame and expectations: “Hedy Lamarr, erased from the world that made her a star”. Depp has sung the song with Beck since 2019, when on the other hand his career was also “canceled” after being ousted from the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise, according to some due to the lack of professionalism on the set. instead say because of Amber’s domestic violence allegations, first with the 2016 injunction not to approach her and then at the center of the op-ed of the ‘Washington Post’ discussed in the latest legal dispute. Johnny and Jeff met in 2016 and soon realized they were soul mates. Beck paid tribute to his friend and fellow musician: “I haven’t had another artistic partner like him for years. Depp was a creative force for this record and I hope people take him seriously as a musician.” Johnny had also started his career as a singer and he had talked about this during the testimony at the trial against Amber in Fairfax, revealing that he had stopped because he had not had the desired success.