Donatella Finocchiaro, 51, is perhaps even more beautiful than when she was Angela for Roberta Torre. Unlike then, she became the mother of Nina, who she had in 2014, at the age of 44, by her partner Edoardo Morabito. Godmother at Tiziana Rocca’s Filming Italy Sardegna, the Catania actress took the little girl with her, who before her crouched behind her chair and then, tired, started jumping around in the gardens of Forte Village.

“I will debut as a theatrical director, with LA LUPA by Giovanni Verga, the first will be in Vizzini for the centenary of the writer. I will start next Monday at the Catania building”, announces Donatella Finocchiaro. And she adds: “In reality they wanted me as the female protagonist directed by Emma Dante, but then she herself told me: ‘why don’t you do it? After twenty years who can direct you better than you?’ I thought about it for a while and then I said yes. “

Not only Verga in her projects: Donatella Finocchiaro has just joined Toni Servillo and Ficarra and Picone on the set in the film THE STRANGE signed by Roberto Andò, in which the actress, who arrived in the cinema after a degree in law, plays the crazy wife of Pirandello . “What to say? It was a wonderful meeting with Toni Servillo, who in almost all the scenes fought with my madness. He was an actor I already esteemed a lot and that now I esteem even more”. Finocchiaro is then a veteran of the piece with Mario Martone, IL FILO DI MEZZOGIORNO, a show on Goliarda Sapienza and has a script ready for a film of which she reveals only the title, THE APARTMENT. His recipe for the dining room? “Ever since everything reopened after Covid, even the cinemas, I have always thought that we need to educate young people on the big screen. How do you watch a film on your smartphone? It’s absurd. Directors sometimes take months to study a shot and it is not possible to see those images on a small screen. We must educate in cinema as a work of art “. And again the actress: “Why then the concerts go very well and instead nobody goes to the cinema? Maybe we also need to modernize the theaters. I think of the Troisi cinema in Rome, which is really wonderful. sometimes there is not even heating? “.

Finally, as regards the role of mother and actress, she underlines: “Being a mother is another thing than being a father. It is difficult to explain, you create a very strong symbiosis with your children. And so if you are an actress and not you’re never inside the house it’s difficult. The children feel abandonment and when you come back you have to face their reactions, their resentments and you have to mend “.