The administrative campaign ends on Sunday, but the clash between the poles rises to the point that it seems to be already in full electoral climate for next year’s policies. The controversy between the center-right and the center-left goes far beyond the issues on the management of municipalities, instead involving many points at the center of the national debate, especially on the economy: from the battle over the end of the petrol car by 2035 to the PNRR, from the struggle over the minimum wage. to that on citizenship income.

Controversy also heated on the issue of unpresentable candidates: the Anti-Mafia Commission announces that it is examining 62 names. And in Palermo the controversy rages after yesterday a candidate of Forza Italia was arrested, today one of the Brothers of Italy.

In short, despite being an administrative test, the rallies of these last hours seem to be a dress rehearsal of the 2023 electoral campaign. And many are pushing to give a national political value to the results of the vote of over 900 municipalities. he returns to relaunch his party as the pivot of a future majority, excluding neo-centrist perspectives. Her rejection at the opening of Calenda to Letizia Moratti as a future candidate in Lombardy was very hard. “We are discussing the candidacies, obviously from the center left. We will choose and discuss with all the allies, I would be happy to discuss with Carlo Calenda too”. But he adds sharply: “it is not our habit to go and identify candidates who are on the other side”. So he reminds everyone that next year the choice will be between the Democratic Party and “the right”. “There will be no third solutions, no third options, there will be no nuances in the next policies – the former premier attacks. Either there will be us, or there will be the right, on the other side. in the hands of Salvini and Meloni “.

In his electoral tour, the secretary dem sees the possibility of breaking through the center-right wall, especially in the North. “The other time – he observes him in Lodi – here we lost and then we lost the policies. Here we are committed and committed because winning Lodi means winning the next policies”.

Similarly, Giorgia Meloni also makes it clear that she is already looking to 2023, even going so far as to explicitly ask Sergio Mattarella to vote “by March”. “If someone really thinks of bringing a legislature that is devastating Italy three months ahead to make three hundred appointments first, I will call upon the President of the Republic. It is a hypothesis – he attacks – that I find intolerable, unthinkable”.

A rise of shields that, in the aftermath of the embrace of Verona between her and Matteo Salvini, widens the gap between her party and the Forza Italia-Lega axis in the center-right. But, above all, it is a request that is unlikely to find great attention.

The power to dissolve the Chambers is purely presidential: talking about it now appears premature. The law then leaves the Colle maximum autonomy to choose when to act. And yet, with the many international commitments to which this government is called to respond, starting with the half-yearly coupons of the PNRR, according to many observers it is very likely that in the end the dissolution may take place in the last few days, in order to get to the vote at May.

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