“The center-right appears united because it is in the nature of things that it does so. What is unnatural is what happens at the national level, not in the territories where, as you can see, regardless of the dialogue at the central level, coalitions are formed, they go forward together. and they know how to do well, like Rodolfo Ziberna in these 5 years “. Conciliatory words, pronounced by Giorgia Meloni, just before the rally to support the outgoing mayor, on an old-time-style stage, with all the center-right: with her – and the group leader in the Senate, Luca Ciriani – Maurizio Lupi and Antonio Tajani; Matteo Salvini had made a stop in the city on Saturday. The newfound feeling with the League, sanctioned yesterday by the embrace in Verona between Meloni and Salvini, was reiterated by Massimiliano Fedriga, called to represent the Carroccio. Speaking of Regionals and Policies, which will be held in 2023, Meloni was clear. “The Policies must be within March, if someone thinks of bringing a legislature, which is devastating Italy, three months ahead, to make 300 appointments first, I will call upon the President”, who “I exclude lends itself to one thing of the gender”. Words that seem to exclude the concomitance at the polls and that postpone the decision on the choice of governors to next spring, even if it is difficult to hypothesize that Fedriga barefoot FdI, who will be re-nominated. The results of Gorizia and Monfalcone will be a good gauge of strength, but Meloni excludes battles within the coalition: “My goal is to go to the government of the nation, I am not available to govern with Pd, M5S, Renzi, Calenda, I want to go there with the center-right “,” my battle is always against the left, the 5S, my opponents, I hope the center-right grows everything “. First, however, in Gorizia there will be the best of Ziberna’s six opponents: Laura Fasiolo (Noi mi noaltris Go !, Slovenska Skupnost, Laura Fasiolo for Gorizia, Gorizia is yours, Pd), the outsiders Franco Zotti (Zotti against all ), Pierpaolo Martina (Martina mayor), Serenella Ferrari (People for Gorizia), Antonio Devetag (Devetag mayor, Action), Mario De Marco (De Marco for Gorizia) The center-left – complete with M5S – is convinced that he can do even better that in Trieste, when last autumn he went a step away from the coup. For those who win, there are scissors to cut the ribbon of the European Capital of Culture, in 2025, together with Nova Gorica.

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