Masks June 15, 2022: what is going to change in Italy at work, on public transport, in hospital, at school and on airplanes.


Masks 15 June 2022: what changes at work, on public transport and on airplanes

Starting next June 15, the obligation to wear masks will be lifted in many places where the mandatory use of the anti-Covid protection device is still in force. To say goodbye to masks, in fact, will be places like the cinemai theaters or the indoor sporting events.

On the other hand, discussion is underway regarding the abolition of the sui device means of transport. In this regard, in fact, on Thursday 9 June, the Undersecretary of Health, Andrew It costsissued the following statements a A sheep’s day on Rai Radio 1: “There is actually one more reflection concerning the means of transport. For all other places the masks will be removed and there will no longer be the obligation but there will be a recommendation. After two years, I believe the time to trust citizens. There is a different awareness ”.

Similarly, the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranzasaid: “We have to consider the pandemic still not over. On means of transport, the evaluation is ongoing. I want to keep asking the fragile subjects to protect themselves with the second booster dose of the anti-Covid vaccine – and added -. There is still scope for coverage and vaccines remain key. We have been coming for two complex years. Today we are in a different season and we have tools against the pandemic that we did not have before but you must continue to have caution“.

The same discourse also concerns the use of the mask on planes.

News at school and in the hospital

In relation to the world of workduring his interview with A sheep’s dayUndersecretary Costa said: “As regards offices and workplaces, as of today there is no longer a rule that provides for the obligation“.

With respect to the possibility of eliminating the obligation of mask at school and, in particular, during the maturity 2022, the Undersecretary of Health explained: “A decree made at the beginning of next week is enough. I hope we can come up with one synthesis. There is a problem of political convergence. We are facing different positions. I hope that we can arrive at a synthesis – and he specified -. In my opinion, it is a political choice. Based on the choice made to regulate the flow of seats during the vote, with the same consistency, I believe that it can be said that our children when they go to take the exam may not wear a mask“.

The Undersecretary of Health also expressed his opinion on the revocation of the obligation to wear masks from 15 June 2022, Pierpaolo Sileri. Contacted by Sky TG24 last June 8, Sileri underlined that it continues to be “advisable” to keep the mask “always a handy“And reiterated:”Even if the obligation for public transport or airplanes should be removed, personally I would keep it close at hand. If in two weeks we were to have two or three times today’s infections, I would have to review this position ”.

Focusing on the period that will follow the summer season, then, Sileri observed: “In September, October and November we will then deal with what will happen. The virus endemic will lead us to live with it, as with other viruses. The 2022 is a transition year, next year we will be more relaxed. The work of vaccination remains fundamental

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