Trans Camilla was killed, presumably Sunday night, with two small-caliber pistol shots fired in the left side of the head. She ascertained the autopsy performed by the pathologist Susanna Gamba. The murder of Camilla therefore presents more than one analogy with that of Nevila Pjetri, who was killed 24 hours earlier about 3 km away in the rural area of ​​Marinella di Sarzana.

Meanwhile Daniele Bedini, 32-year-old carpenter arrested last Monday and accused of the voluntary murder of the Albanian propstituta Nevila Pjetri, made use of the right not to answer during the interrogation to validate the detention. The man, in prison in La Spezia and assisted by the lawyer Reboa, he is also under investigation for the murder of Camilla.

Camilla (photo from Facebook)

The Carabinieri of the Ris di Parma have started the investigations on the white pickup in use in Bedini. Investigations will also be carried out on Camilla’s Ford Fiesta, found by the police not far from the scene of the second crime. In that car, found among other things with the ignition still on, traces of blood were found on the mat and two shells of 22 caliber bullets.

THE divers of the carabinieri, engaged all day in the waters of the stream in search of useful elements for the investigation, returned to Genoa while the searches continue in the crime areas for materials useful for the investigation. It is not excluded, even if the investigators do not confirm it, that something important for the ongoing investigations has already been found.

In the meantime, on the case of failed arrest by Daniele Bedini, after his three-year sentence for aggravated robbery had become final, the Minister of Justice Marta Cartabia he asked his inspectors to start investigations in the face of press reports. Pending the outcome of this activity, also the Pg of the Cassation Giovanni Salvi, who shares with the minister the ownership of the disciplinary action against the magistrates, has entered a cognitive procedure.