Naspi June 2022: when is it paid and what is the amount? All the details on the payment of the subsidy for those who have involuntarily lost their job.

Naspi June 2022, when is it paid and what is the amount

Naspi June 2022: what does the subsidy for unemployed workers consist of?

There Unemployment Naspi Inps 2022 it is an indispensable subsidy for citizens who have lost their jobs involuntarily. Employees who turn out to be unemployed, in fact, can benefit from New service of Social Insurance for Employment (Naspi).

The measure entered into force in 2015 and offers monthly financial support to people who have been dismissed or discharged. In the second case, the resignation submitted during the period of maternity; the resignation for just cause in the event of sexual harassment at work, non-payment of wages, mobbing, change of workplace without proven reasons or abusive behavior on the part of the superior; and the consensual termination of the employment relationship.

In addition, in order to apply for the Naspi, you must have the following requirements: be unemployed and have at least 13 weeks of contributions in the 4 years prior to the start of the unemployment period.

The grant can be paid for a maximum of 24 months and is compatible with the Basic income.

When is it paid and what is the amount?

As regards the disbursement of the subsidy, the payment of the Naspi of June 2022 is expected to starting June 16, 2022. The credit, however, does not have a fixed date and varies according to the day on which the unemployed person submitted the application.

Each applicant can check the exact date of payment of the Naspi unemployment benefit for June 2022 by consulting the your social security file. The dossier can be consulted online, logging in only if you have one of the following credentials: SPID, CIE or CNS.

The payment date should also be published on the INPS website between 1 and 4 June 2022 or between on 6 and 11 June 2022.

In relation to the value of the unemployment allowance, to calculate the amount it is necessary add up all the Inps taxable wages of the last four years and divide the figure by the number of weeks of work done in the four years under review. Secondly, we need to calculate the average monthly gross salary of the last four yearsdividing it by the number of weeks worked, then multiplying it by 4.33 (average of the weeks present in a month).

If the average monthly salary is equal to or less than 1,227.55 eurosthe monthly subsidy is equal to 75% of the salary. If it’s higher than 1,227.55 eurosthe monthly unemployment benefit is equal to 75% of 1,250.87 euros plus 25% of the difference between the amount, the average monthly salary is € 1,250.87.

Finally, from the sixth month in which the Unemployment Naspi Inps 2022 is paid, the check undergoes one progressive and fixed reduction of 3% compared to the amount previously received.

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