The BELGIAN agency and ANSA signed an important collaboration agreement in the presence of the Italian ambassador to Belgium Francesco Genuardi. The partnership provides for the availability and exchange of content that can be used on the respective information platforms. In this way, the offer of international information services is enriched for the subscribers and customers of the two agencies: the agreement is divided into the possibility for the partners to use their respective information services for editorial use and to develop joint commercial offers to support of the communication of institutions and companies of the respective countries.

“The one signed today in the ‘home of the Italians’ in Brussels is a strategic agreement that strengthens bilateral relations that are already very solid and that have brought the value of the annual trade between Italy and Belgium to reach 40 billion euros – underlined the ambassador Francesco Genuardi – but the agreement between ANSA and BELGA goes further because it also represents our sharing of values ​​”. The ambassador recalled that the holders of an Italian passport living in Belgium are 300 thousand, the same figure as those in the United States. And that, out of a population of 11 million inhabitants, about 10% are now of Italian origin. “Our commitment here is also to promote productive and innovative Italy”, added Genuardi. Stefano Boeri’s project for the construction of a sustainable garden at the ambassador’s residence and numerous cultural and commercial initiatives fits into this context.

Lastly, the presence of a delegation of Belgian designers at the Milan Furniture Fair. ANSA CEO Stefano De Alessandri expressed satisfaction with the new important collaboration: “This partnership constitutes a further step in our international networking strategy with the main agencies around the world; as well as ensuring the mutual availability of certified information between Belgium and Italy, this new agreement is also a further step forward for the development of projects between the two agencies to support the communication of the respective institutions and companies of the two countries “.

For Patrick Lacroix, CEO of the BELGIAN agency, this is “an important agreement that provides for the exchange of contents. The agreement is part of the agency’s strategy of opening up to European realities outside the country, also in consideration of the role of Brussels. as the capital of the EU and with an ever-increasing presence of foreigners. And then the Belgians look to Italy with great interest, even the youngest ones. According to many of them, Italy is one of the countries to go to “.