A mouse in a trap. This is how Luca felt, the boy who on June 8 got stuck inside the Metro A in Rome, at the Subaugusta stop. Because? Because, confined to a wheelchair, he could not get out in any way since the elevators were out of order. If he managed to return to the surface it is only thanks to four citizens who helped him.


A young man in a wheelchair was stuck inside the Metro A in Rome

Unfortunately, a scene seen and reviewed in Rome where too often people with disabilities, the elderly or those with children with strollers, find themselves having to deal with a public transport service that is not up to the standard of a European capital.

“I want my rights recognized”, says Luca, “it is not possible that I cannot go to the dentist because I am stuck in a subway station in Rome. I’m fed up, I can’t take it anymore. It is not possible that the public transport of the capital does not allow me to go on an appointment. In this station the lifts towards Battistini and Anagnina are out of order. That street level doesn’t work either. I feel trapped, worse than a mouse! ”.

Luca’s anger and indignation are palpable as well as those of many other users who often let off steam on social media by telling the misadventures of their daily journeys on the subway. On a Facebook group a woman reports a disservice inside the Eur Fermi stop where the lift almost never works. She says she tried to report the problem via pec and also rang the assistance bell on the spot, but never received any response.

And so she finds herself forced each time to load her son’s stroller to reach the exit. Four days ago, another user reported a breakdown in the lifts at the Arco di Travertino stop, rightly wondering how an invalid could have managed. Indeed, Luca’s is not an isolated case.

Just go to the official Atac website to get an idea of ​​the situation

Just go to the official website of Atac, the Roman public transport company, to get an idea of ​​the situation. On the page “Accessibility of underground railway stations” there is a list of all the stations with the current accessibility situation. The words “out of service” recur 32 times and the inefficiency affects both lines A, B and C, as well as Rome-Lido and Rome-Viterbo. The stairlifts are not active in the stations of Lepanto, Colli Albani, Arco di Travertino, Porta Furba, Numidio Quadrato, Lucio Sestio and Giulio Agricola.

As well as in the central stop in Piazza di Spagna, the lifts that connect via del Bottino to Trinità de Monti do not work. In Cinecittà then lifts and stairlifts stop working at 3 pm because, with rare exceptions, the operation of the systems is linked to the presence of station operators, failing which the systems must be deactivated. And these are only part of the problems concerning line A.

The list is long and brings out in all its gravity a city that hinders and discriminates against a part of the citizens. Although Roma Capitale, as stated on the Atac website, has “been involved for some time in the progressive demolition of architectural barriers present in the urban area in order to ensure citizens with disabilities, temporary or permanent, the best usability of mobility services”, is it is clear that there is still a lot of work to be done.

In the meantime, an apology arrives from the Democratic Party. The Capitoline councilor is the spokesperson for it Erica Battaglia who says she is certain of an upcoming meeting on the subject “to take stock with all the actors involved and immediately change direction”.

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