The independent Roman bookshop Nuova Europa I Granai celebrates 30 years with an expansion on 400 square meters and an ever-growing community of loyal readers for which has been a point of reference since its opening in 1992. And for the occasion, Saturday 11 June, the day of celebrations in via Rigamonti 100, ‘Quella volta in Libreria’ (Garzanti), a book out of commerce, edited by Roberto Ippolito, with the unpublished stories of forty-two writers from Viola Ardone to Antonio Manzini and from Walter Veltroni to Clara Sánchez, Teresa Ciabatti, Donato Carrisi, Luca Bianchini and Nadia Terranova, which will be given to readers. Special guest of the event with free admission, starting at 11.30, to celebrate three decades on the shelves, the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri.
“We know all our customers. We have tried to be as proactive as possible towards people and also the Eur Serafico area which is very populous. Nuova Europa I Granai is the first or second independent bookshop in a shopping center. Those born later of us are chain bookstores “, explains to ANSA Barbara Pieralice who runs the bookshop with her sister Francesca and comes from a family of booksellers.
“We grew up in the bookstore. Our father was a bookseller in Velletri. From the beginning we paid a lot of attention to presentations, we do reading groups. People meet in the bookstore. A mechanism is triggered that attracts all those who are interested in books. . We built, used the right channels, starting from social networks when they were born. We are happy with this recognition of our work “explains Barbara Pieralice.
“The 80 square meters from which we started then became 250 and now they are 400 square meters. The last step took place at a time when things were not going very well and then we thought that to awaken souls we had to do something different. bookshop must be a beautiful, welcoming place, in a place where there is a lot of passage. Attention to the structural beauty of the bookshop is very important. We grew up together with the bookshop, we also made mistakes. You learn entrepreneurial management in the field. they are heavy financial commitments and they spur you to do things. And then we have always had a team of people who followed us, some have been here for more than 20 years. They too are part of the success of the bookshop. We must not only know the books but also who you have in front of you. Years ago we had the Spanish writer Alicia Giménez-Bartlett as a guest, at the presentation there were 200 people and the publishing house was amazed because we had greeted them all “. ta the bookseller. Inside a large luminous cloud under which great international authors such as Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Abraham Yehoshua, Jeffery Deaver, Louis Sepulveda, David Grossman, Azar Nafisi, Joel Dicker, Ildefonso Falcones, Eskol Nevo have chosen to present their books.
After two years of pandemic, the Pieralice sisters who have created a real community and never stop, are ready to relaunch. “The covid has been a watershed. People have a hard time doing what they did before. We need to get going and invent new things. We would like to bring adolescents, boys and girls closer together. We need to study their language which is different. from ours. I started on Tik Tok and I saw that there are many young people there talking about books. Intercepting them would be nice but also making it clear that it is nice to go into the bookstore “she says.
Conceived as a birthday present for Nuova Europa I Granai, which in 2012 won the Umberto and Elisabetta Mauri School for Booksellers Prize, the stories of ‘That time in the library’ take us into many narrative universes that all reach the central place in the existence of the book: the library.
“We aim every morning, by pulling up the shutters, to be a community” say the booksellers in the introduction.