A ‘Bar del Sole’ with an à la carte menu made up of songs that tell a world. It is a sort of Giro d’Italia, but with the rhythm of a stage for amateurs only who enjoy villages and landscapes, to rediscover the rhythms and lyrics of the author’s song, what Raphael Gualazzi does with the new album, entitled own ‘Bar del Sole’ (homage to that Caffè del Sole in Urbino where the pianist and songwriter began to play in public) and out today. A roundup of songs reinterpreted with the hand and the co-production of Vittorio Cosma, travel companion and experimentation. From ‘Amore caro, Amore Bello’ to ‘What will be’, passing through ‘If I lose you too’, ‘Permanent center of gravity’ and all the others in the lineup, Gualazzi explores and revises masterpieces of songwriting in his own way . “The choice of songs – said Raphael Gualazzi – was made by looking above all for those lyrics that represented the atmosphere we are experiencing and that speak of uncertainty and unease with respect to many issues, from the environment to the pandemic passing through the war. made a very meaningful choice “. Many sounds and dimensional leaps through different atmospheres that lead from one song to another, the result of a production that has deliberately traveled at full speed, or almost.
“On a musical level we indulged ourselves – explained Gualazzi – because Vittorio Cosma, in addition to being a very good producer, is also an excellent pianist and keyboard player. We found ourselves speaking the same language and it was very nice to explore different musical worlds together. Some songs we have actually transported to opposite dimensions compared to their original “. Between music and words, even some collaborations designed as a function of the reinterpretation of songs that belong to the imagination of the greatest Italian music. And then ‘Senza Paura’ is sung in a duet with Margherita Vicario, ‘Pigro’, by Ivan Graziani, with his son Filippo and with the music of Funk Off, and again, ‘Arriva la bomba’, with the Trio Bobo and ‘Cosa will be ‘, by Lucio Dalla, is also entrusted to the voice of Filippo Timi. The lineup of ‘Bar del Sole’ also passes from ‘If I lose even you’, the Italian success of Gianni Morandi inspired by the American success’ Solitary Man ‘, by Franco Battiato with his research, today very current, of a’ Center of gravity permanent’. And then again Mogol-Battisti with ‘See you tonight’, ‘Arriva la bomba’, brought to success by Johnny Dorelli and ‘Bimba se sapessi’, Raphael’s celebration of Sergio Caputo’s contribution to Italian jazz. By Jimmy Fontana, from the Marche region like Gualazzi, it is ‘the World’, here in a highly sought-after version where the world ‘hears’ everything, thanks to the inclusion of a shouting of people (“as if we were passing by a train in an inhabited center being able to listen to what people say to each other in their homes “says Gualazzi). “The album is also guided by a fil rouge made of lightness – explained the pianist and songwriter – seen as that feeling that we would all like to hear in this historical period”. Live, the songs of ‘Bar del Sole’ will play on the occasion of a tour in acoustic version and in trio format, starting from the Casa del Jazz in Rome on June 17 and closing at the Teatro Duse in Bologna on October 13. (HANDLE).