Rimini, baby gang ready to return: the threat of new violence has circulated on the TikTok social network in the last few hours. After the riots in Peschiera del Garda, fear returns to the Riviera again.

Rimini, baby gang after the fight on Garda launches a new threat on TikTok:

Rimini, baby gang, here she is again after the brawl on the Garda

A trap meeting in Peschiera del Garda which was held last June 2 and it is ended in a fight. Lots of guys had gathered on TikTok for a party full of trap music. However, she had to intervene police in riot gear.

In addition, always on June 2 in the afternoon a group of girls (three from Milan and two from Padua) boarded the train departed from Peschiera del Gardain the province of Verona, to reach the Lombard capital, after spending the day in Gardaland.

During the trip, the girls suffered sexual harassment by a group of young people who have been described as “North Africans”. The attackers would have insulted the girls, all aged between 16 and 17, and they would try to groped her in the private parts. The victims, surrounded by the molesters, managed to get off the train at the stop in Desenzano and filed a complaint.

After all this, here is that the protagonists of the brawl have returned to the rescue, threatening to always return with fights, devastation, vandalism. Unfortunately, these episodes and groups of violent young people are not new on the Riviera.

They launch a new threat on TikTok: “Let’s go back”

In the past few hours, some of the boys behind the fight in Peschiera del Garda have returned to make themselves heard by launching new threats: Peschiera was just heatingwe will see a Riccione how will it be”. And again: “This was just a taste, we get caught in Riccione. These are some of the messages, accompanied by the inevitable icon of the flag of Morocco, bounced in these hours on social networks.

Here, then, he will come raised the level of alert and security to try if not to prevent but to control these phenomena of violence. “This is a phenomenon that the experts of the departments of the Ministry of the Interior are monitoring with the utmost attention in collaboration with our staff. – explains the commissioner of Rimini, Rosanna Lavezzaro. Also for this weekend we have planned extraordinary territorial control services, which will focus in particular on sensitive places along the coast, starting from the stations. The upcoming weekend will be a particular weekend, which will see us busy on various fronts: from the management of public order to the electoral consultations on Sunday up to the Superbike races in Misano. We are ready to guarantee the presence of the territory in the best possible way, thanks also to the use of support units “.

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