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Now even the proponents are fighting: a few days before the referendum on justice is Emma Bonino to throw a jab a Matteo Salvini saying to The print his involvement “arrived in the running on an initiative of the Radical Party but, having collected the signatures, it now seems that good justice no longer interests him”.


“I think – says Bonino – he is more interested in questioning Draghi’s choices and in rushing to the aid of his friend Putin (let’s say that the guarantee and sympathy for those regimes where freedom is annihilated are somewhat in contradiction) and referendums are not the priority “.

It is the latest episode of a referendum that would have wanted to be an epochal battle and instead proves more and more every day a cough of four inexperienced in search of guaranteed populism. After all, it is the usual smoke that envelops the discussion around a serious justice reform in this country: to get your hands on the delicate balance between rights and duties, penalties and judgments you need to have a credibility that no one has at the moment.

The credibility that Matteo Salvini does not have in his guarantee version, one who as a minister of the Interior has not learned a single line of international law and who has fed the most vindictive intestines of the country. That same Salvini who after kissing guns and salami and after having intercomed with some alleged drug dealer (while embracing himself with all-round criminals) now would like to be a pacifist and guarantor.

But it is also the credibility that the former Radicals do not have, who on certain Pannella issues seem to have kept only a timid mark: to think that it could be democratic progress to abolish the Severino Law without having an articulated reform proposal on the table to get rid of corrupt politicians and condemned.

The referendums on justice have turned into a clash of powers and alliances

However you think, beyond the questions on the merits, these referendums have turned into a clash of powers and alliances: on the one hand there are all the unpunished (or those who dream of impunity) who ride the guarantee for the friends and on the other hand there are those who do not have the courage to question a judiciary that often does not work. A demeaning sight from any side.

Credibility, we said. A referendum in the midst of the umpteenth arrests of the usual party with the usual mafia in the usual Sicily perfectly portrays the null authority of the ruling class. A referendum pushed by a former Prime Minister who sued the magistrates who investigate him (losing) with the usual formulas of “persecution” that for years he shouted Silvio Berlusconi.

A referendum pushed by those who can’t wait to nominate Palamara by proposing him as an example to follow and waving him as a symbol, without even knowing the merits of his accusations. A referendum pushed by the usual suspects who jump on the chair every time a magistrate has to be beaten and then doze for years on mafias and corruption (not at all disappeared from the public debate).
However you think about the referendum questions on one thing we can agree: the very idea that it is a Parliament of this kind to put a hand in justice is frightening.

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