Fifteen thousand – 15 thousand – euros less than in Germany, 10 thousand 700 less if the comparison is with France and almost 8 thousand euros below the Eurozone average. It is the inexorable – obviously descending – parable of Italian wages compared to other large – and not only – European countries. This was revealed by the analysis conducted by the Di Vittorio and CGIL Foundation – Wages and employment in Italy in 2021. A comparison with the main economies of the Eurozone – from which a bleak picture emerges.


Starvation wages are 10 thousand 700 euros lower if the comparison is with France

If compared to 2020 the increase in the average annual gross wage was more marked in Italy – but for the simple fact that in the first year of the pandemic our country had suffered a much more pronounced decrease – if we compare the average annual gross wage of the 2021 with that of 2019, the wage gap between Italy on the one hand, France and Germany on the other, has further widened: from 9 thousand 800 to 10 thousand 700 euros with the French ones and from 13 thousand 900 to 15 thousand thousand euros with the German ones .

Yet, from Confindustria to the trade unions, passing through a large part of the Italian political forces, there are those who continue to oppose a legal minimum wage, which is already in force in 21 of the 27 countries of the European Union.

But there are still those who row against the minimum wage

From Forza Italia who, with the minister Renato Brunettadefines it as “a great misunderstanding” since “the directive (European, ed) it imposes nothing on our country ”because“ a good contract is worth much more than a minimum hourly rate ”.

To Brothers of Italy who, with Giorgia Meloni in person, he goes even further: not only does the minimum wage “risk being a red herring”, but the citizen’s income also ends up in the sights of the right-wing leader, which “must be canceled”.

Not to mention Confindustria, Carlo Bonomiwhich consulted by Corriere della Sera, is called de facto out of the discussion. For the number one in Viale dell’Astronomia, the minimum wage is a useful way only in those work areas regulated by the so-called pirate contracts. But this is not the case with the national contracts signed by Confindustria, where even the lowest qualifications provide for figures exceeding the gross 9 euros assumed as a basic threshold by the law on the minimum wage.

And what about the barricades raised by a piece of the trade union world too? “The way to raise wages, protections and workers’ rights is bargaining”, is the thought of the general secretary of the CISL, Luigi Sbarraalways delivered to the Corriere della Sera.

“Only in countries that do not have adequate bargaining, which, not surprisingly, are also those with the lowest wages and the least rights – adds the leader of the CISL -. For Italy there is no minimum wage obligation, because we have a contractual system that covers well above the 80% threshold set by the EU directive. For us, therefore, there is only encouragement to strengthen bargaining “.

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