From the Otranto channel to the Aegean Sea, this is the movement of the eye of the Cyclone in the next 24 hours. The intense disturbance, which is bringing bad autumn weather to the Center South, will leave Italy tomorrow with the return of the sun and the heat.

However, the current situation remains alert: persistent rains, intense thunderstorms and winds are still expected today. There is also a risk of local storm surges on the medium-low Adriatic side and on the major islands.

But how come we plunged back into the Autumn from the Marche to Calabria? The fault of a cold core that has come down from the Jutland peninsula to Dalmatia, in practice brought the crisp air of Copenhagen to Split, and then spread to our Adriatic regions and the exposed south.

Antonio Sanò, Director and Founder of the site, in fact foresees even today typical autumn temperatures, maximum around 20 ° C on part of the middle Adriatic and in the South: going back exactly 7 months, for example to 10 November 2021 , in the middle of Autumn, temperatures were even warmer than today with highs of 24-25 ° C spread over the aforementioned regions.

An autumn turnaround in June, with heavy clothes ready to return as protagonists.

But be careful, as early as tomorrow put your autumn clothes back in place: the cold core is very fast. Between Saturday and Sunday the Cyclone will oscillate between Greece and Turkey and we will return to sweat. In fact, the new expansion of the African anticyclone Scipio towards Spain and Portugal is foreseen: from this position it will be able to bring temperatures back to around 30-32 ° C throughout Italy but, initially, given its secluded position, there it will hit with the peak of the sub-Saharan heat, but it will make us feel good with lots of sun, blue skies and optimal weather conditions on the weekend.


Friday 10. In the north: sunny. In the center: heavy showers on the Adriatic and east Lazio, strong wind from the North-East. In the south: bad weather with showers and strong winds from the North.

Saturday 11. In the north: sunny. Center: sunny. In the south: last accumulations on the lower Adriatic and Ionian slopes, then improvement; cool and windy.

Sunday 12. In the north: sunny. Center: sunny. South: good weather. Trend. New expansion of the anticyclone with lots of sun and gradual return of the African heat from Tuesday, good sunny weather all over Italy.

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