Eventually the names of the unpresentables arrived. Nicola Morra he did it: despite the fact that, as he himself had denounced, the parties had communicated the names of the various candidates in times that were not useful for the Anti-Mafia Commission, the same Commission chaired by the senator of the Five Star Movement managed to communicate the names of those who are considered “unpresentable” for the past or for convictions that weigh on the rump and of whom, in the vast majority of cases, they had not even mentioned with their constituents.


There are 18 unpresentable in the next elections

The bill is unfortunately very salty: in fact, there are 18 unpresentables. Only three days ago Morra had reported that he had not received any list from the parties for preventive control work. “And we have to examine 19,782 names of candidates: this is why we are proceeding with difficulty,” he added. That’s why the list of unpresentables arrived less than 48 hours after the vote.

Shortly before the Antimafia released the list of unpresentable candidates, Roberto Lagalla he had launched an appeal to the parties that support his candidacy for mayor of Palermo. “If there should be unpresentable I will ask the parties to foresee their resignations, in the event that these subjects should be elected. Otherwise I will resign ”, are the words of the aspiring mayor of the center-right in the Sicilian capital.

His coalition was hit by two arrests in two days: Pietro Polizzicandidate with Forza Italia, e Francesco Lombardo, who ran with Fdi. Both candidates are accused of electoral exchange between the political and mafia. As Morra recalled, however, both would have been “very presentable” because “the Severino code and law would not have prevented these two people, drawn from the recent operations in Palermo, from being subjected to the judgment of the voters”.

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But at this point let’s move on to the names of the unpresentables. Among others, the candidate for mayor of Frosinone stands out, Mauro Vicano, for which the judgment for illegal waste trafficking has already been ordered. Vicano is a candidate for center and Action. Among the 19,782 positions screened by senators and deputies, we go from Gorizia to Palermo, and the list of the Antimafia opens with Luigi Maioranocandidate in Acre (Cs), on trial for extortion.

Then, there is Antonio Comitangelo, in Barletta, accused of corruption. The list continues with Carmelina Carrozzino, in Belvedere Marittimo (Cs), who must answer for the crime of fraudulent transfer of values; Ernesto Garofanopresent in a civic list in Ciampino, convicted with final sentence; Patrizia Giannoccoliin Frosinone, also on trial for extortion; Giuseppe Patrizialso in Frosinone, on trial for corruption; Silvana Romano, in Gorizia; in Mondragone there are in the list Patrizia Barbato And Antonio Valenza.

In Verona, Luca Bagliani; in Piacenza Olga Marsico; in Ardea Brunella Pinciaroli; in Taranto Francesco D’Andria. Then there is the Palermo case with 4 unpresentables: for Francesco La Mantia from the “Noi con l’Italia” list in support of Lagalla, the Antimafia reports the conviction for money laundering; Totò Lentini who leads the “Alliance for Palermo” list (also in support of Lagalla) ended up on the black list for attempted extortion (trial in progress); Giuseppe Lupo of the Democratic Party (argues Franco Miceli) for corruption; Giuseppe Milazzo of FdI (Lagalla) for extortion (trial in progress).

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