It is the embrace of Judas, not the kiss. Except that in this case there is no saint because both of them are betraying each other. Matteo Salvini And Giorgia Meloni they find themselves on the stage organized in Verona by the center-right in support of the mayor Federico Sboarina and after months of bitter silence which in recent weeks had resulted in explicit attacks.

++ Municipal: Salvini-Meloni hug on stage in Verona ++

Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni found themselves in Verona after months of bitter silence and explicit attacks

“We are here and as beautiful as the sun”, says Matteo Salvini (with his usual depth in political statements). “Since they said we would be like Romeo and Juliet, I guarantee that we will not end up in the same way”, Giorgia Meloni chorused him.

That a group photo would arrive a few days before the local elections could have been foreseen by even the scarcest of political analysts. For a few days now, two have been loudly saying that the unity of the center-right would never be called into question. Salvini says he refuses to “think of separate, divided and quarrelsome races”: “United, problems are resolved more quickly and I have no time to waste in internal squabbles and quarrels”, declared the captain now more than thrown off the saddle.

Meloni kept pace by explaining that “in the vast majority of municipalities that will go to the vote we are going together, so we are all working for the victory of the center-right today and also in the next political elections”. To be honest, wanting to be observers, Giorgia Meloni herself whispered a “hopefully” in a low voice two days ago, as happens in peace that has not yet been completely resolved.

After all, the leader of the Brothers of Italy clearly said: “We do not have a plan B with respect to alliances. For us, the center-right is essential. Clearly, for a coalition to be competitive, strong and credible, it needs rules, it needs pride, it needs clarity about the future. That’s what I asked for ”. Simply translated: the center-right is united and compact if it recognizes Meloni as a leader, otherwise it will not be talked about. Too bad that Salvini, as soon as these hours of simulated friendship end, has the same theory but applied to himself.

In Parma the united center-right does not exist in the ballot papers as it also happens in Catanzaro where Meloni and his team have decided to run alone. In Verona itself, where Salvini and Meloni staged the cloying curtain, Forza Italia decided to focus on the former Northern League mayor Flavio Tosi. The candidate Sboarina (supported by Lega and FdI instead) is Giorgia Meloni’s man and Salvini has accepted against the will to support him.

But the bile that flows between Salvini and Meloni is much denser than the scuffles for the local elections. Inside there is the crack of a center-right leadership for the next political elections that every day widens by a few centimeters, with Salvini who would like to be crowned future leader by virtue of the polls of recent years pretending not to know that his popularity inexorably wears out day after day.

Giorgia Meloni has been feeling the natural leader for months, also claiming greater consistency by putting herself in the opposition in the current Draghi government. Then, there is Silvio Berlusconi. Those who know him well swear that he will hardly accept being the spare tire of the two litigants. The center-right for now is a little credible promotional message that has none yet in reality. For a center-right to exist, someone between Meloni and Salvini must succumb. The rest is just staging, the usual pose to try not to waste votes.

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