The “profoundly social” goal is “to give a voice to those who have not had a voice for a long time. Nowadays, finally, the words ‘homosexuality’ or ‘transgender’, and many others, have no more negative meaning. Children want to teach respect for diversity and non-judgment. Adults show how much better a world without hatred can be. Yet for many people this is still a dream. others. And often we are not yet able to accept even ourselves “. Director Alfonso Bergamo signs the short film ‘Lia doesn’t have to die’, distributed by Premiere Film, announced in the official selection of the Social World Film festival (3-10 July in Vico Equense), selected by the RIFF – Rome Independent Film Festival (November 2022) in the “Queer Shorts” Competitive Section and entered the official selection of the Benevento National Film and Television Festival (12-17 July).

Lia is that part of himself that Vincenzo, a stand up comedian, married and with a child, never wanted to accept. She was his ‘imaginary friend’, the one his father sent away on a train when she caught him touching himself on the photo of a schoolmate. Now that his daughter has discovered her secret, Vincenzo has only one way of freeing himself from himself. In his last show he makes an appointment with his audience at platform 3, to say goodbye one last time. Only one of them will show up: Angela, who will find Vincenzo lying on the rails and will try to prevent him from making that extreme gesture. Because Lia exists. And she doesn’t have to die.

“Vincenzo – underlines Bergamo – does not recognize himself in the sex of birth, but at the same time refuses to accept this fact. It is a monstrosity, a disease, and it can put his family in difficulty and destroy his life. This is not acceptable. He is at the center of two opposite poles, and these two forces are tearing him apart. So he has no solution left but to take his own life. death. Suicide is unfortunately another aspect of our lives that is not talked about enough. Yet the numbers of suicides, especially those linked to causes of homophobia, give chills. Art, however, is also resistance to time and death. And with this short film there is the will to provide the strength to resist the temptation to surrender for those in similar emotional situations “.

The short is a Gika Productions production by Gian Gabriele Foschini and Francesca Cornelia Tosetti, in co-production with Brandos Film. The director also signs the screenplay with Valentina Morricone. In the cast Mario Paradiso Jr., Francesca Cellini, Francesco Barra and Elena Romagnoli. The music is by Sergio Cammariere. Associate producer Giuseppe Esposito; director of photography Daniele Poli.