Milan, public housing: in the late evening of Friday 10 June in a neighborhood where there are public housing, a violent maxi brawl broke out. The police intervened on the spot but the next day there are many controversies.

Milan, public housing: brawl between tenants and Roma in the night.  A child ends up in the hospital

Milan, public housing: brawl between tenants and Roma in the night

TO Milan. on the evening of Friday between 10 June 2022, guerrillas broke out in the neighborhood of public housing. In via Bolla, about sixty people around 21.30 collided in the street, armed with sticks, bars and knives. Card bombs were also detonated. The clashes occurred between tenants and Roma who live illegally in some apartments. The investigations of the police are still in progress and the outbreak of the guerrilla immediately intervened. There are still no clear reasons but it seems that the underlying problem is the coexistence of various groups of different cultures, nationalities and various situations.

The president of Municipality 8, Giulia Pelucchi explained the situation that arises in the via Bolla district, by unloading the responsibilities on the Lombardy Region: This week in via Bolla there was an escalation of fights whose climax is underway tonight. Barrels, bars, knives, paper bombs, shots. The common denominator of these events is always the same: the total indifference of the ownership of these houses, of its abusive occupations, the lack of will to propose solutions and the redevelopment of these buildings. The story is well known, we asked for a commission on the subject months ago, they replied to wait waiting for news on what will become of the redevelopment. Unfortunately, the time has run out for a while. Lombardy Region, if you are there, give it a shot. In the meantime, let’s hope the irreparable will not happen ”.

A child ends up in the hospital

A two year old childi was taken to hospital for examination. He would only be examined as a precaution, but he would have no obvious injuries or trauma. A woman and another minor were also taken to the hospital with a yellow code, as reported by ANSA.

The spokesperson for the residents he told what happened late Friday evening: “The Roma who live there illegally in the social housing and in the campers under the building they started to skid with the cars in the square. We got scared and went down to see what was going on“. At that point the fight broke out: the Roma would have taken some bars from a nearby construction site: “We defended ourselves with kicks and punches, but we didn’t touch the children“. At that point the residents called the police: “We stayed up all night, I was escorted into the house by the police. At my number there are only 5 Italians“.

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