From Piazza della Repubblica to the Imperial Forums: the center of the capital is tinged with the colors of the rainbow. According to the organizers, “900 thousand people” marched for the Roma Pride shouting ‘Peace & Love’. ‘Let’s go back to making noise’ is the slogan of the event that invaded the center of the capital, chosen in honor of the LGBTQ + icon, Raffaella Carrà, who passed away last July.

Pride, Elodie performs during the choreo: ‘We deserve all the same rights’

A motto the one chosen above all to revive the
battle for full equality of rights. After two years of pandemic, a Pride returns, more colorful than ever and the city institutions open the procession. At the side of the Circolo Mario Mieli and the organizers, holding the banner in the front row, the mayor of Rome Roberto Gualtieri who arriving said: “it is a duty for a mayor to be here”. Then the president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti who exclaimed “long live the Pride”. Many banners appeared in the celebrating procession that wound through the streets of the center of Rome, including the one with the words “Together for 32 years”, while “The pot of rights” appeared further on. The lion’s share was made by the chariot with drag queens entitled ‘the army of the Chariot’.

The march also applauded a bride who passed the demonstrators. Fifteen floats in the parade: Circolo Mario Mieli, Killer cow, rainbow families, LGBT + Jewish community, just to name a few. Also several politicians present, among others, for the Pd Monica Cirinnà, Laura Boldrini, Filippo Sensi and Matteo Orfini. And then the leader of Action Carlo Calenda and the deputy of Forza Italia, Elio Vito. The queen of the Roman Pride was Elodie, godmother of today’s event, who animated the parade with her songs and arrived on the wagon near the Colosseum made those present dance with her single ‘Bagno a midnight’. “I am very very happy, and it is important to manifest and remember that where there is love there is normality and above all truth,” she said. From those who have made the figure of their political battles the strong call for today’s demonstration comes: “Where the Pride marches, peace breaks out”, said the leader of + Europe, Emma Bonino, on her social channels. A pride that turned out to be a success, not just Rome. The colors of the rainbow animated the Ligurian capital too. Thousands of people, many young people and young people, in the square in Genoa, with the procession opened by the wagon entitled “offensive and divisive”. Flashy clothes, noteworthy make-up and hairstyles, lots of banners, signs – “we are all a little bit gay” -, choirs and lots of music. In the square with many very young parents and families with children. The month of Pride thus makes its voice heard even if in Rome the day began with a protest: the Catholic political movement Militia Christi and the national movement of the Patriots Network posted posters at dawn against “the sad event” along the route of the procession. The US embassy to the Holy See instead took sides in favor of Pride: “Love si love”, “love is love”: he wrote in a tweet supporting “equal rights for all” and also posting photos of their participation in the event in the capital. The parade is over but the rainbow tide is making noise again.

‘Let’s go back to making noise’, the tide of Gay Pride parades through the streets of Rome

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