Referendum 2022, quorum: this is what it means and how much importance it has in the call to the polls of the Italians on Sunday 12 June 2022. The latest polls predict that the necessary number of those entitled to vote will hardly be reached.

Referendum 2022, quorum: what is it and what happens if it is not reached?

Referendum 2022, quorum: what it is

For the Referendum on justice of 12 June 2022it will be necessary to achieve the so-called quorum. What is it about? It is reported on the website of the Ministry of the Interior etymology and significator. “The term derives from the Latinspecifically from the gerund of the verb refero (refers, retuli, relatum, referre) which among its numerous meanings also includes those of referring, reporting, responding.
The term quorum, also of clear Latin origin, derives from the phrase “quorum maxima pars” and means the quorum, the majority, still fundamental institutions in the bodies and in collective decisions ”.

Article 75 of the Constitution introduces the concept of quorum: “It is announced referendum popular to deliberate the total or partial abrogation of a law or an act having the force of law, when requested by five hundred thousand voters or five regional councils ”.

What happens if it is not achieved?

So, what happens if the fateful quorum is not reached on Sunday 12 June? A referendum is considered valid only if it reaches the quorum of the absolute majoritywhich corresponds to 50% + 1 of the voters. The abrogative referendums are governed by Article 75 of the Constitution: “The proposal subject to referendum is approved if the majority of those entitled to participate in the vote, and if the majority of validly cast votes is reached.“.

If these numbers are not reached, voting cannot affect legislation. Therefore, the failure to reach the quorum it also does not allow a referendum in which yeses prevail over no to enter into force. In practice, if the necessary quorum is not reached on Sunday 12 June 2022, nothing would change compared to today. Till now in Italy the quorum has been reached in 39 out of 67 referendum questions. But from 1997 to today it has almost never been reached: only in 2011 did the majority of voters participate.

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