Rome Pride 2022: everything is ready for the demonstration and parade which are scheduled for the afternoon of 11 June in the streets of the capital. Here is the information and reasons behind this long-awaited event.

Rome Pride 2022: route, program, timetable and godmother of the long-awaited event

Rome Pride 2022: route and roads closed

The Rome Pride 2022 blocked an entire city on the same day as Vasco Rossi’s concert at the Circus Maximus. About ten thousand participants and fifteen allegorical floats with the parade Peace & Love.

The event should start at 4 pm via Cavour, piazza Santa Maria Maggiore, via Merulana, via Labicana and piazza del Colosseo. First closings from 13.30 in Piazza della Repubblica, while the arrival in via dei Fori Imperiali and the first reopening to traffic are scheduled for 19.30 except on via Cavour which will be closed between Largo Venosta and Largo Corrado Ricci. The conclusion of the event is scheduled for 9 pm.

The site Romamobilita reports the roads closed and the traffic changes at the points of departure and arrival, even on the via Liberiana. Moreover, from 20 today they close also via del Circo Massimo, piazzale Ugo La Malfa, via della Greca and via dell’Ara Massima di Ercole. No further parking provided for by the stretch of via del Circo Massimo between via della Greca and viale Aventino, including the parking area at the intersection with Clivo dei Publicii; the same Clivo dei Publicii, piazzale Ugo La Malfa and piazza Bocca della Verità, in the portion of the square between via della Greca, via Luigi Petroselli and via dei Cerchi

Rome Pride 2022: timetable and program

During the demonstration and the parade there will be colorful floats and DJ set ready to make the many who will take part in the streets dance. The Gay Pride party, as it happens annually, will be itinerant and will travel the usual journey to the cry of “Peace & Love”. Together with the rights of the LGBTQ + community even those of the gods will clamored peoples affected by warsthe Ukrainian people in particular.

The appointment is at 3.30 pm in Piazza della Repubblica while the panointed of arrival, the Madonna di Loreto square. Roma Pride will continue after the parade with several party organized by the initiative “I ADORE!” in gay nightclubs and clubs like the Qube or the Killer Cow.

The godmother of the event

“We have to go back to making noise because after two years we deserve to go all out to the streets” Mario Colamarino, spokesman for Roma Pride 2022, made his debut during the press conference to present the event. “Our political manifesto – has continued – he talks about us, he talks about the Zan bill sunk among the tremendous applause we heard a few months ago “.

The beautiful godmother Elodiewith his famous piece “Bath at midnight”decreed Official anthem of Gay Pride 2022. “I am proud, excited and happy to demonstrate and celebrate with you, it is important to always remember that we are all equal that rights are essential for the human being, it should be obvious to everyone but unfortunately it is not ”.

The singer then added: “What makes me happiest is manifest by celebrating, often people do not understand that it is a manifestation and one celebrates for what has been achieved and manifests itself for what has yet to be achieved. And manifesting is the best way to celebrate. It manifests itself for everyone, it is a community that embraces all people who have no rights. Every time Pride is an exciting time because we all feel like we are part of a big family, even if we don’t know each other. We will manifest for all those who need it, I think this is really the message and I thank you from my heart for having thought of me “.

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