Striscia La Notizia vs Claudio Baglioni: it is a media and judicial battle between the satirical news of Canale 5 and the singer who obtained the seizure of a book that accused his songs of plagiarism. The director Antonio Ricci defends himself.

Striscia La Notizia vs Claudio Baglioni: the book that accuses the singer of plagiarism seized.  What happened?

Striscia La Notizia vs Claudio Baglioni: the book that accuses the singer of plagiarism seized

In the last few hours, one has erupted media war and also judicial war between the satirical news Striscia La Notizie and the singer Claudio Baglioni. In fact, the singer obtained the seizure of “All poets with Claudio“, A volume available on the website of“ Striscia la Notizie ”, now no longer online on the orders of the investigating judge of the Court of Monza. The news is made known by the Corriere della Sera who makes it known that on 9 May the investigating judge ordered the volume seizure to avoid the repetition of the crime, accepting the request made by the lawyers of the singer-songwriter, the lawyers Gabriele Minniti and Andrea Pietrolucci with a lawsuit for defamation.

In the investigation, there are among the investigatorsi the patron of the satirical news Antonio Ricci but also the presenters Enzo Iacchetti and Ezio Greggioin addition to the correspondent Antonio Montanari alias Magician Casanova. On the pages of the Corriere della Serashe has arrived Antonio Ricci’s answer: “We have not offended anyone. We have collected and verified the reports of repentant spectators and fans. The judges will determine if we are within the limits of satire. For me it is about an intimidating maneuver by Baglioni against a free transmission. It is a question of freedom. Can everything be touched, except the divine Baglioni? And no! Satire is essential in civil life. Everything in the book is true. And then we have not accused him of plagiarism, but more elegantly of amnesia towards the sources ”.

What happened?

The controversy they started from the moment in which during some services of the satirical news, some of Claudio Baglioni’s songs have been targeted and accused of plagiarism with an always ironic and satirical register.

The gp Gianluca Tenchio said that in many services since 2019, the famous singer-songwriter has been repeatedly defined “with terms that make him pass as a dishonest, which he copies without even saying it to the public. “Amnesia, cunning, forgotten copying, forgetful, distracted”some of the words used by the historic Canale 5 transmission against Baglioni, guilty, according to Striscia La Notizia, of having copied “Poetry texts of others or in any case of having been inspired” without informing the public. The investigating judge adds that what is present in the book is “partly untrue, partly the result of manipulationexplaining that in some cases it cannot “Not even talk about plagiarism” because the words reported as copied would be related to works by authors who have died more than 70 years, after which the copyright expires.

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