Chaos at the polls and distant quorum, the referendum towards the flop. At 12 noon today, according to data from the Interior Ministry, the turnout for referendums is just over 5%, out of a sample of over 2,200,000 municipalities out of 7,903. The polling stations will remain open until 11 pm, but it is highly unlikely that a quorum will be reached, that is, at least 50% + 1 of the voters will have to go to the vote.


Meanwhile, given the misunderstandings that occurred in some polling stations in Palermo, the Interior Ministry in a note communicates that “all the voters who at 11 pm this Sunday are present in the polling stations or inside the school complex or other building where the polling stations may exercise their right to vote even after 11 pm, until the voting operations of all the aforementioned electors have been completed “.

Therefore, the request of many politicians who asked for the possibility of keeping the “offending” polling stations open tomorrow does not seem to have been accepted.

Chaos at the polls the center-right goes to the attack of Lamorgese

“The note from the Interior Ministry affirming that hours after the opening of the polling stations the situation in Palermo is normalizing is not enough. What we have witnessed is a very bad spectacle, unworthy of a civilized country, of a modern democracy ”. The deputy declares it Igor Iezzileader of the Lega group in the Constitutional Affairs Committee.

“And the fact that Minister Lamorgese did not utter a word, did not face the problem in person makes the chaos seats in the Sicilian capital even worse than it already is. A city is called to elect its own mayor, to express itself on justice and the voters cannot exercise their right and duty. This is yet another flop of Minister Lamorgese: his inability embarrasses Italy in the eyes of the world. He demonstrates a minimum of sense of the institutions and step aside “.

The answer to the controversies of the Center-right

“It is unfortunate to read some statements by politicians who ride for electoral purposes the inconveniences and problems deriving from the renunciation of dozens of subjects nominated both by the Court of Appeal and subsequently by the municipal administration to perform the function of polling presidents. The outgoing mayor of Palermo writes it in a note, Leoluca Orlando.

“Lhe situation that has arisen in these hours, due to the irresponsible behavior of some clearly identified people and who will be reported to the judicial authorities, is undoubtedly serious but the municipal administration is putting in place every possible solution in synergy with the Ministry of ‘Internal and with the Prefecture to guarantee all citizens the right to vote ”explains Orlando.

Chaos at the polls, it is time for the 5 Stars to discuss online voting

“The chaos of seats recorded yesterday in various Italian cities and still ongoing today in Palermo must make the Ministry of the Interior reflect. In recent years, too many have not arrived at many of our innovative proposals, from electronic voting to voting for out-of-office voting. We also believe that the over 60,000 constituencies can be reduced and that presidents and scrutineers must be adequately trained “. He declares it Giuseppe Bresciachairman of the Constitutional Affairs commission of the Chamber and deputy of the 5 Star MoVement.

“The Interior Ministry has always responded to all this with a blind conservatism, with a hypocrite“ It’s all right, Madame la Marquise ”and at most with some agenda approved in the classroom – he adds -. The events of these days require a radical change of pace and some assumption of responsibility. Those who drive the Viminale’s electoral machine must remember that voting is first of all a right, not a ritual, tradition and immutable procedure ”.

“The 5 Star Movement will present a question because a clarification is needed. At the Viminale, after having solved the problems of these hours, let them look at the voting experiences around the world. While in Palermo, in the same city where the President of the Republic voted, dozens of seats are not yet open, thousands of French abroad are voting online for the second round of the legislative elections. Electronic voting allowed a three-point increase in turnout in the first round. Innovation, even technological, can help ”adds Brescia.

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