Electoral card: how to obtain a duplicate of the document in case of loss or theft, change of residence or expiration when the 18 blank spaces have been used up?

Electoral card, how to get it and what to do if it is expired, lost, with no spaces or in case of change of residence

Electoral card, what to do if it has expired, with no spaces or in case of change of residence

On Sunday 12 June, over 9 million Italians were called to the polls while the whole of Italy was asked to express themselves on the 5 questions of the justice referendum. To proceed to voting operationsit is necessary to go to the polling station with the following documents: identity card or other valid identification document and the electoral card which demonstrates regular registration in the electoral roll of the municipality of residence.

The electoral card is essential to allow voters to exercise the right to vote in elections or referendums but it has an expiry date. His validityin fact, it remains in force untilexhaustion of the 18 spaces present on the document. Spati certify participation in a specific vote. Every time the voters go to the polling station, in fact, a scrutineer affixes a section certification stamp with election date on the electoral card.

Upon completion of the 18 spaces or in the event of a change of residence, it is necessary to ask the electoral office of your municipality for one new electoral card.

From municipality to municipality, in fact, the rules change relating to the request for renewal of the electoral card.

Request the electoral card for the administrative and referendum of 2 June: the Government FAQ

As for the administrative and the referendum of 12 June, meanwhile, in the Government FAQ it is possible to read the following: “It is advisable for voters who need to renew their electoral card to go to the electoral office of their municipality in time in order to avoid a concentration of applications in the days immediately preceding them and in those of the vote. In any case, the electoral office will remain in any case open from 9 to 18 also on the day of the votefor the entire duration of the voting operations, and therefore from 7 am to 11 pm on Sunday 12 June “.

How to get a duplicate in case of theft or loss

In case the voting card comes lost or stolenvoters can request a duplicate of the same and go to the polls.

To get the duplicate in case of loss, you will have to go to the electoral office of the Municipality of residence by presenting a valid identity document. After having completed and signed a deed of notoriety, a duplicate of the electoral card will be delivered.

Generally, duplicate release occurs in immediate way but, in some cases, one may be fixed date for the delivery of the document which can also be withdrawn by a family member or a third person with respect to the person concerned as long as it is equipped with a proxy.

In case of theftinstead, it will be necessary to report the incident to the police before requesting a duplicate card, showing loss report at the municipality of residence.

Those who have lost or have suffered the theft of the electoral card can go to vote without a document only in the event that “the Municipalities have not been able to deliver neither the card nor its duplicate to the voter”. A press release from the Ministry of the Interior, then, specified: “Admission to the vote, by way of exception, may take place, subject to verification of registration in the electoral roll, by means of a replacement certificate issued by the mayor for the sole purpose of exercising the right to vote for those consultations “.

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