“Following the appointment by the Municipality of Palermo of the last thirteen presidents of the missing electoral sections, all 600 electoral sections foreseen in the city have been regularly installed without any need to merge them”. This was communicated by the prefecture of Palermo.

The situation of the polling stations, an anomaly that characterized this administrative and referendum round, would have been caused by the renunciation by subjects appointed to carry out the function of polling stations due to the concomitant final, which will be held this evening at the ‘Renzo Barbera stadium. ‘, of the football match for the Serie C Play off final with Padova for promotion to B, an appointment for which a full house is expected with over 34 thousand spectators. “I asked the Minister of the Interior to evaluate the opportunity to authorize the extension of the opening of the polling stations, in the city of Palermo alone, until 2 pm tomorrow, Monday 13 June. An extraordinary measure following the equally extraordinary a situation that has arisen in the city due to the failure to set up dozens of electoral sections. It is a measure that I would have adopted independently, if we did not also vote for the Referendums, declared the president of the Sicilian Region Nello Musumeci.

Many politicians, in particular the Northern League leader Matteo Salvini, but also the candidates in the city, asked for the intervention of the judicial authorities in the morning, to which the municipal administration has already sent the documents.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office of Palermo will evaluate the reports that have been sent by the City on the chaos seats determined by the decision of dozens of presidents to forfeit. The crimes that could arise range from the interruption of public service to the refusal of official documents. There are several polling stations that have remained closed in which voters have not yet been able to vote. The investigators will have to ascertain whether the decision not to appear taken by some presidents, who after their appointment assume the status of public official, has been adequately motivated and the terms within which they communicated it. The prosecutor pool coordinated by the deputy Sergio Demontis will investigate the chaos of the seats. In particular, the investigators will have to ascertain how many waivers have been communicated, albeit close to the voting operations, and if they have been adequately motivated and how many presidents in charge have instead given up without any communication. According to what is learned, the situation was aggravated by the hacker attack suffered by the Municipality of Palermo in recent days that would have sent the receipt of e-mails via pec also haywire. Some presidents in charge would have communicated the waiver in time, but the email would not have reached the Municipality. “With the decisive match for the promotion of Palermo – say some representatives of the list – it was absolutely predictable what would happen, but the Prefecture not only took steps, but did not even think of a plan b”. Meanwhile, the search for presidents continues in some seats, while in those in which the new appointments have been made, the pre-electoral operations that should have taken place yesterday are underway and therefore citizens have not yet been able to vote. At Casa Professa, in the historic center, for example, only one of the three polling stations is operational.

Now, however, it seems, everything would have normalized, also in light of the fact that the Interior Ministry has made it known that the times of the seats cannot be changed, except by enacting a new law. Also from the Ministry of the Interior it was made known that the seats not constituted in Palermo due to the resignation of presidents, and which have not been replaced, have been merged with the sections already operating where the vote is in progress.

“What is happening in Palermo belongs to one extreme gravity, such as to distort these elections. If a single citizen has been denied the right to vote, the elections can be annulled “. The president of the Palermo Bar Association, Antonella Armetta, writes this on his Facebook profile.” But a political attack is not acceptable – he adds – because the the competence to manage the polling presidents does not belong to the municipalities. The Minister of the Interior intervenes immediately, these elections must be stopped here “.

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