“Beyond infinity and beyond” is the unforgettable motto of Buzz Lightyear, the brave toy astronaut, icon, together with the cowboy Woody, of the Pixar world of Toy Story. A phrase that could not be missing in the new animated Disney Pixar film that brings the space explorer out of the world of toys for a galactic human adventure of the origins in “Lightyear – The true story of Buzz” by Angus MacLane (former co-director of “Alla research of Dory) “arriving in cinemas from 15 June with Walt Disney Company Italia.
Dubbing the protagonist is the face of Captain America Chris Evans: “With this film we have the opportunity to find characters we already know and to explore them more deeply, with a more nuanced interpretation. We know Buzz as a toy hero. , who had few doubts because he knew he had a purpose. It is interesting to make him human and to confront him with the load of a different weight, the uncertainties, the consequences also on others, of his actions and choices “explains the actor in the conference international streaming -. I’ve always loved Buzz, the other characters and the whole world of Toy Story. It’s a saga that has revolutionized the animated story “.
Equally enthusiastic about the film is the Italian voice of the protagonist, Alberto Boubakar Malanchino (Doc – in your hands): “The thing I like most in Buzz’s story is how you tell the value of cooperation and friendship – he explains in the press meeting. Roman with the other Italian voice actors -.
In a world where we are all more divided, team spirit saves you. Then it is important that we talk about the fallibility of the human being, about how to face one’s mistakes. It’s nice that we’re starting to leave aside a certain toxicity of certain alpha male heroes. “
In the tale we find Space Ranger Buzz Lightyear, commander and friend Alisha Hawthorne and a crew of more than a thousand scientists and technicians heading home after their last mission. However, an accident leads the crew to be stranded on a treacherous planet. In a short time, a colony was born where people try to live as peacefully as possible (even Alisha finds a partner with whom she starts a family), while Buzz continues to devote himself tirelessly, feeling guilty for what happened, between temporal fluctuations, ‘enemies’ and decades that pass, experimenting with space crystals that can bring everyone home. A mission in which he will have the car of his Sox robot cat and that of sui generis space students, such as Alisha’s granddaughter, Izzy, troublemaker Mo, and former convict over 60 Darby. The film, which focuses on the enhancement of inclusion and diversity (“Science fiction especially with series like Star Trek has always anticipated society in this sense”, recalls the director), made headlines well before its release for the open letter of Pixar employees against the decision to cut the first gay kiss in the franchise, the family one that Alisha and her partner share: a protest that led Disney to reinsert the scene in the film.
“We wanted to show a true family relationship beyond gender and having a kiss was also very important,” explains producer Galyn Susman. “Disney employees have done very well to protest: all families need to be represented, being seen changes things, makes you feel welcomed” underlines Esther Elisha, Alisha’s Italian voice.
In the rich cast of voices there is also Taika Waititi (for the robot cat Sox, in Italian with the voice of Ludovico Tersigni) who we will find in a few weeks in theaters as the director of the new Marvel chapter “Thor: Love and Thunder”: “Studio always the way in which Pixar structures the story in their films … annoyingly they are always right in the choices they make “observes the actor and director with a smile. Finally, to sign the soundtrack instead there is the American composer of Italian origins Michael Giacchino, already Oscar winner for another Disney masterpiece, Up.