The hypothesis of a ballot for the choice of the new mayor of Catanzaro is looming. With the polls still closed – the counting for the municipal elections will start only tomorrow at 2 pm – it is the exit polls that indicate the need for another round of voting on June 26th. The civic candidate Valerio Donato, a former Pd university professor, also supported by Lega and Forza Italia but without party symbols, and the candidate of the Pd-M5s wide field Nicola Fiorita, also a university professor, should go to the ballot.
A city, Catanzaro, where the center-right was unable to summarize a single name, presenting itself unpacked and supporting three different candidates. In the Calabrian capital, the center-left, on the other hand, gave life to that wide field prophesied by Enrico Letta also at a national level, with Pd and 5s traction, present with their own lists and symbols.
According to the exit polls carried out by the Opinio Italia consortium for Rai, Donato has an advantage over its competitors with an appreciation indicated in a range ranging from 40 to 44%. His challenger is indicated between 31 and 35%.
The other main candidates of the challenge for the chair of Palazzo De Nobili are further away. Antonello Talerico, president of the Council of the Bar Association, also from the center-right area and supported by another piece of the coalition, Noi con Italia, is given between 13 and 17% while the only female candidate of the session, the parliamentary of Brothers of Italy Wanda Ferro, supported by her party and by the outgoing mayor Sergio Abramo, is indicated between 7 and 9%.
Indications that obviously will have to go through the scrutiny of the ballot but which if confirmed will impose on Donato and Fiorita and their sides, another two weeks of electoral campaign. Not before, however, to evaluate the possibility of meeting the other candidates for mayor in search of contact points to eventually reach an agreement that can either confirm the data coming out of the exit polls or overturn it. But the candidates will only start talking about this in the next few days.