In all likelihood, the ballot between Michele Guerra from the center-left and the former mayor of Pietro Vignali, supported by Lega and Forza Italia but not by the Brothers of Italy, will decide on Sunday 26 June the mayor of Parma who will take over from Federico Pizzarotti who has completed his second term.
According to the Rai exit polls, in fact, the results leave little room for the possibility of surprises from the scrutiny that will begin tomorrow at 2 pm Michele Guerra, Pizzarotti’s dolphin of which he was councilor for culture, also supported by the Democratic Party and other left forces he is in fact credited with a percentage between 40 and 44%, a wide range, but far from the goal of 50%, necessary to win in the first round.
Few doubts also about the challenger to the ballot: the former mayor Pietro Vignali, again according to the exit polls, would in fact have clearly surpassed the Brothers of Italy candidate Priamo Bocchi: Vignali, in fact, would have reached a percentage that is between 19 and 23 per center, well beyond the result of Bocchi, which remained between 10 and 14 per cent.
In the next few days, therefore, a new round will be played within the center-right: beyond the local specifications that led the various forces to present themselves divided in the elections, the Parma case was also at the center of the discussions in recent days between the leader of the Lega Matteo Salvini and the president of Fratelli d’Italia Giorgia Meloni. At this point, the thing that is expected is a convergence of Fdi, which failed in an attempt to be accredited as the first force of the coalition, on Vignali, in view of the ballot, to try to bring the Municipality of Parma back to the center-right.
On the center-left front, on the other hand, the results of tomorrow’s ballots are expected in order to have the exact knowledge of the consensus gathered by the center-left. The dialogue will probably open with Dario Costi, candidate of ‘Civiltà parmigiana’, a historic civic list that had also led to the election of Vignali and of Action: if he were to report a significant percentage, he would automatically become an interlocutor for Michele Guerra who will go to look for the votes that are missing in order to reach an absolute majority of the votes.
The turnout was not very high (at 7 pm almost 37% of those entitled had voted) but substantially in line with the consultations of five years ago