Bonus 200 euros: some categories that will benefit from the subsidy will have to submit a self-certification form and demonstrate that they have certain specific requirements.

Bonus 200 euros, self-certification and form to fill out: who must request it

Bonus 200 euros, self-certification and form to fill out

6 have been allocated3 billion euros to finance the 200 euro bonus provided by the Aid dl and intended for pensioners, employees, self-employed workers, citizenship income earners, the unemployed, home helps and carers or, again, seasonal workers who have a lower gross annual income to 35,000 euros.

On the basis of the estimates carried out so far, they will be aroundto 31.5 million Italian citizens who will benefit from the bonus. For some of the categories indicated, the discount will be received automaticallyappearing directly on the pay slip or slip, while other professional figures will have to present specific instance or self-certification.

Employees who are among the beneficiaries of the compensation without having to submit an application and who receive the money from their employer, for example, will have to fill in a self-certification form. The 2022 euro bonus is paid only once even if the beneficiary carries out several employment relationships.

Who should apply for it and requirements

The self-certification form must be completed with i personal datathe fiscal Code and the Name of the employer.

As for the form to fill out, Italians who want to receive the one-time 200 euro bonus must have some requirements indispensable.

The requirements include the need to have benefited from thecontribution exemption of 0.8% in the first quarter of 2022 for at least one month’s salary. Furthermore, you must not be a data controller pension you hate Basic income. Otherwise, in fact, the money will not be paid by the employer but by theINPS. Finally, you must not be among the beneficiaries of the bonus paid by other employers. As already reported, the bonus will be paid only once for each entitled person.

In relation to the contracts signed after May 2022the employer does not have the right to verify all the elements necessary to determine the allocation of the bonus since he does not have all the documents necessary to proceed with the check.

At the moment, it has not yet been specified whether to receive compensation will be self-certification of the worker is sufficient. In this regard, the rule asserts that the indemnity “is recognized in automatic way, priordeclaration of the worker to be in possession of the requisites listed above.

It seems, therefore, that the self-certification form must be presented in any circumstance.

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