Legislative elections France 2022, results: the first numbers and percentages give Macron’s coalition a slight advantage but everything is possible in the second round with the possibility for the French president to have at most a minimum majority in Parliament.

French legislative elections 2022, results: Macron has a slight advantage but will decide in the second round

French legislative elections 2022, results: Macron has a slight advantage

On the occasion of the legislative elections in France, President Emmanuel Macron he finds himself challenging the New ecological and social popular union (Nupes)a left-wing alliance led by Jean-Luc Melenchon.

On the first turn ,. the outgoing presidential majority of Emmanuel Macron, united in the Ensemble! coalition, obtained i25.75% of votes, or only 21,442 more votes (+ 0.09%) than the left-wing Nupes alliance gathered around Jean-Luc Mélenchon (25.66%). This is shown by data from the French Ministry of the Interior. The first projections in seats give Macron’s coalition the possibility of maintaining an absolute majority of 289 MPs, assigning Ensemble! between 270 and 310 seats. 170-220 seats would go to the Nupes gauche (Jean-Luc Mélenchon). So, a slight advantage for President Macronwhich may fail to get a majority or have an extremely stunted one.

It will be decided in the second round

“Tonight I launch an appeal to the people, we will be present in over 500 constituencies in the second round, pour yourself into the polls next Sunday with your ballots in hand”: Like this, Jean-Luc Mélenchon he addressed the voters showing himself positive and victorious. “The presidential party has been beaten, it is the first time that a president has won and he is unable to confirm the victory after 2 months in the legislative elections”said the leader of Nupes, the French left-wing coalition.

Hence, the heads up will end at second round to be held on the day of Sunday 19 June 2022. Marine Le Pen is also aiming for the second round of the French legislative elections in the 11th constituency of Pas-de-Calais. “I invite all voters to confirm their vote. The second round gives us the opportunity to send numerous deputies to the Assembly “; continued the sovereign leader, who obtained 55% of the preferences in the first round.

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