Padua confirms itself as a stronghold of the center-left in Veneto. Sergio Giordani, ‘calm’ mayor, never over the top, makes an encore in ease, reconfirming himself in the first round and leaving the opponent of the center-right, Francesco Peghin, at different lengths. When almost half of the 206 sections have been scrutinized, Giordani is sailing at 58.59%, Peghin chasing 33.36%.

Distance now unbridgeable. Thus, the attempt by the center-right to recapture the city that for only two years, between 2014 and 2016, was governed by the League, with Massimo Bitonci – certainly influential in the choice of Salvini and the Lega to indicate Peghin – is looming. as candidate of the coalition – Bitonci aside, the Democratic Party and civic forces have been leading the city of the Saint since 2004.

In these 5 years Giordani has focused on inclusive policies, has tried to bring together the various city souls, and the polls have rewarded him: his personal list which in 2017 had collected 9.33% of the votes grew in 2022 until 17.50%, recovering many of the preferences lost by the Civic Coalition, down from 11.45% 5 years ago to 5.43% today. The Democratic Party is confirmed as the majority shareholder, which leaps from 13.49 to 22.45%, one of its best results in Padua. “I believe that having been able to unite the city in these 5 years, respecting everyone, as well as a beautiful team of political and civic movements, has allowed us first to obtain administrative results, and now to convince the Paduan people to give us back their trust” he said. hot Giordani. Fair play by Peghin, who immediately congratulated the reconfirmed mayor. In the field of the center-right, the leading party in the city becomes Brothers of Italy, with 8.22% (quadrupled the result of 2017), followed by the Peghin Mayor list, with 8.05%. The League stops at 7.47%, however improving the result of the previous round (6.64%). None of the other 7 mayoral candidates at the starting line reaches the threshold of 3% to be able to enter the City Council. The center-right instead makes the ‘blow’ in Belluno, where – in the middle of the ballot – the Paralympic champion Oscar De Pellegrin is close to winning in the first round with 53.47% of the votes.

Defeated the center-left, who pays for the division created with two candidates from the same area, both councilors in the previous Massaro council: Giuseppe Vignato, supported by the Pd and three civics, stops at 28.60%, Lucia Olivotto, in the solo race, just n 17.93%.

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