Matteo Salvini, as usual, he runs away. The Northern League leader in his disordered attack on the judiciary – as his tutelary deity taught him Silvio Berlusconi – he can’t help showing all his cowardice.


The former knight at least fought putting his face on it, appearing in the fight with his bare hands (even if his “bare hands” are money, televisions and numerous paid politicians), Matteo Salvini instead does not even find serotonin to present himself at the press conference commenting on the least attended referendum ever in which 20.9% worsens the previous negative record (23.3% at the consultation on the electoral law in 2009) and also manages to collect a substantial percentage of No.

Matteo Salvini on the run

The damage to the League is double: not only has it confirmed for the umpteenth time that it is politically irrelevant, but decades of “security” screamed in the name of the certainty of punishment and prison as a solution to all evils.

The Northern League leader is the only politician capable of softening up and continuing to lose votes, looking for a counter-overtake to Giorgia Meloni who meanwhile slyly rubs his hands.

So it happens that on the evening of the referendum Salvini himself, ready to gorge himself on Nutella in order to win a short article in the press, does not appear in front of journalists because “out of town with his daughter” – writes his press office – leaving the analysis of the defeat to a deranged Roberto Calderoli who takes responsibility for shouting “conspiracy”.

“The League puts its face on it,” says Calderoli. Except that his is the dark face of someone who is obviously reflecting on how much these well-paid decades in Parliament have cost him in terms of personal credibility. Like all conspiracy theorists, the accusation against his travel companions is also inevitable: “There has been no activity on the territory either by the Brothers of Italy or by Forza Italia”.

Not even the time of a few seconds but the vice president of the Senate wags his tail thanking Berlusconi and his shoulder (the vice president of the Lega Andrea Crippa) intervenes to clarify that “the center-right remains united”.

Fraud and propaganda

On the other hand, in the meantime, Silvio Berlusconi overcomes himself by slandering the Severino law which, according to him, should be “drowned”: “For a ridiculous thing – says Berlusconi – they sentenced me to six years of exclusion from political life. I enjoyed social services because I have always enjoyed helping others. I did some things that made me go home happy. They kicked me out of Italian politics for many years. Then I got myself elected and I got a lot of votes in the European Parliament where I work for the interest of Italy and all of Europe “.

Listening to them it is incredible that even those few people willing to go to the polling station taking them seriously have found themselves around. But to realize how cowardly they are, it is enough to read today’s newspapers, touch the silence that has fallen on the referendum as if in this fiasco there are no messages to decipher and reflect on.

Even the mendacious analysts of the next day don’t feel like making propaganda by sniffing the air around. There remains this melancholy reflection of those who hope that everything will end quickly, that one immediately forgets a deranged political initiative full of shame. Then, after the right time has passed, they will start again.

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