The political outsider Federico Basile, man of the outgoing mayor Cateno De Luca, beats his opponents and goes towards victory in the first round in Messina, exceeding 45% of the preferences according to the data collected by the various political committees, followed by Maurizio Croce (Center right ) with 27% and Franco De Domenico (center-left) with 25%. Official data, 12 sections out of 253, say that Basile has 55.53% of the votes, followed by Croce with 23.71% and De Domenico with 18.07%.

Former director general of the municipality that De Luca governed from June 2018 until last January when he resigned announcing his run for the presidency of the Region, Basile is 44 years old, married and has two daughters. His political godfather called him “the guardian of the accounts” saying that “thanks to him we have worked out the rebalancing plan”.

Messinese, accountant, auditor of the Municipality since 2006, employee of the University of Messina, often with economic-financial support functions, he was an expert in the municipalities of Itala and Montalbano Elicona, in financial matters and territorial marketing, therefore in 2020 he was president of the evaluation unit of the metropolitan city. Basile was supported by nine lists ‘Mai più barracche’, ‘Without ifs and buts’, ‘Federico’s friends’, ‘Basile mayor’, ‘With De Luca for Basile mayor’, ‘I love Messina’, ‘Messina pride’ and ‘Together for the work Clara Crocé with Basile’. The ninth list of the coalition of the real Sicily mayoral candidate is that of ‘Prima l’Italia’, which refers to the national deputy of the Lega Nino Germanà. De Luca does not comment on the victory of his protégé “I’m taking music lessons in the conservatory” he says and on Facebook ironically: “I’m destroyed. I’m finished now after seven hours of lessons … I have no idea anything. How it turned out ? “. In the evening he then appears in the headquarters in via Oratorio San Francesco where 5 years he rejoiced for the victory in the ballots with more than 65% of the votes and makes an appointment tonight at 10.30 pm in Piazza Duomo.

Not even Basile comments on the victory: “I want to wait for the final and certain results” he says. But he thanks “all the citizens who, despite the hardships faced, exercised their right to vote. We queued up, saw people leave disappointed, people desperate for their seats. Discomforts and problems that were caused or aggravated by the wrong choice to have a vote in a single day. In any case it was an important, albeit tiring, exercise in democracy “.

In the city of the Strait 55.57% of the voters voted, 9.44% less than in the previous municipal ones. Basile’s victory in Messina gives a further boost to De Luca and his “true Sicily” movement for the race for the presidency of the Region. The leader of Forza Italia in Sicily, and president of Ars, Gianfranco Miccichè, highlights “the result of Cateno De Luca’s candidate in Messina, which even exceeds 50%, clearly surpassing the two center-right and center-left coalitions” and at the at the same time he says that Nello Musumeci will not be a candidate for the presidency of the Sicilian Region: “Without any doubt”.

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