Center-right mayors a Genoa, Palermo and L’Aquila. Ballotings in Verona, Parma and Catanzaro. Where they run united, the center-right wins. Divided, on the other hand, he struggles and gives the center-left the possibility of finding himself in the lead in challenges that seemed to be uphill, such as Verona. This is the photograph that the first results of the administrative vote. Here’s how the voting capitals change color (GO)

But that’s not enough, because this election also marks new equilibrium within the coalitions. Fratelli d’Italia surpasses the League in the list votes while in the wide field of the center-left the relationship between the Democratic Party and the Movement seems to be even more unbalanced. The Democratic Party holds, much less than the pentastellati, a flop that pushes more than someone among the dem and beyond (Matteo Renzi says it openly) to ask for the alliance dossier to be reopened in view of the 2023 political elections. of central parties, Italia Viva but above all Carlo Calenda. YouTrend: Pd first list. Fdi overtakes Lega, collapse 5s (GO)

Waiting for the definitive data, however, there is an irrefutable fact and it concerns the flop of the referendum on justice. The turnout for the consultation on the five referendum questions, held on the same day as the administrative offices, is the worst in republican history

Roberto Lagalla is the new mayor of Palermo. The former rector, supported by the center-right, takes up the baton of Leoluca Orlando, who reigned for thirty years: he wins in the first round with about 48%, even if the counting of the ballots in the 600 seats is still in progress. Detached by about ten points Franco Miceli, who complains about the high abstention (59 percent of the voters did not vote), problems in the certification of the split vote that would have penalized him and above all he does not spare criticisms of the coalition parties that supported him , especially to the Democratic Party. Surprisingly, the outsider Fabrizio Ferrandelli (Action and + Europe) reaches almost 15%, double the forecasts of the eve, remedying the compliments in front of the cameras of Gianfranco Miccichè (Fi). Forza Italia with about 12% establishes itself as the first party, ahead of FdI and Pd that sail around 10%. The M5s halves the votes compared to the previous municipal ones, which stands at 7%. On the tightrope of Lega-Prima Italy, which fluctuates around 5%, the threshold necessary to enter the City Council. The New DC, the party of Totò Cuffaro, who does not show up all day, avoiding the spotlight, also dances just above 5%. It should not enter the new council Civic ecological left which for now is 3.4% whose leader is the former city councilor Giusto Catania.

Mayor where are you going to celebrate ?: “I don’t celebrate”. And so to grant the hundredth interview, because all the televisions want to understand the secret of Marco Bucci, who five years ago was the first center-right mayor to govern the Genoa of the left and today even doubles. Bucci is a very pragmatic man, he likes those who do, not those who speak, and the Genoese confirmed this for this. The tragedy of Morandi, in addition to the pain for the 43 poor dead, could have brought economic devastation but Bucci was already in action an hour after the collapse, saying what and how to do, with a rhythm and a force that transmitted positivity. And many, even among the opponents, thanked heaven that in one of the most dramatic moments in the history of the city he was at the helm. He never stands still, he doesn’t hesitate. “By mid-July we will have the new council and the first city council, but we will not stand still, we have many things to do, we will work ardently on the subway” he says. One of the recognized qualities is the belief that every problem is faced and solved. “We have done many positive things but there are still many parts of the city that need our intervention. We will invest 1 billion in maintenance over the next five years,” he says.

It will be a challenge between professors that will be played in Catanzaro in the next 15 days to decide who will be the new mayor. Valerio Donato, Professor of Private Law at the Magna Graecia University of Catanzaro, and Nicola Fiorita, Professor of Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Law at the University of Calabria, are called to play the extra time of this electoral round – which registered a turnout 65.90% down compared to 72.45% of 5 years ago – to which the center-right presented itself with a split supporting 3 different candidates, while on the opposite front the wide field invoked at national level with Pd traction was created -M5S.

That Michele Guerra and Pietro Vignali were the candidates in the ballot for the office of mayor of the Municipality of Parma seemed obvious, but the numerical result of the polls went beyond all expectations. The two contenders, one representing the center-left, the other of the center-right without Brothers of Italy, find themselves detached by more than twenty points, no poll had reported them so far apart: 44% Guerra, 22% Vignali, still under scrutiny from complete. “This is the success of broad agreements, of broad coalitions” underlined Francesco Boccia, head of local authorities of the Democratic Party, speaking of Parma. In the Emilian city the candidate, councilor for culture of the Pizzarotti junta, has in fact brought together the most important parties of the center-left, with also Italia Viva as well as Effetto Parma, the movement of the current mayor Federico Pizzarotti born after his exit from the M5S, which instead he did not appear in the elections.

“I dedicate the victory to the family: I will be everyone’s mayor, the electoral campaign ends here. Now it’s time to put on the green-black jacket and put aside the party one”. The mayor of L’Aquila, Pierluigi Bondi, re-nominated for the center-right coalition, wins the municipal elections of L’Aquila in the first round, confirming himself as mayor for the next five years. The announcement of the clear victory in Piazza Duomo, in the midst of the afternoon heat that enveloped the Abruzzo capital, outside its electoral committee among the thunderous applause of the supporters in an atmosphere of great celebration and satisfaction. Victory in the first round, which will have a national echo given that L’Aquila was among the four regional capitals to vote, although the data are not yet definitive, was also confirmed by the interventions of the two center-left challengers, the regional councilor of ‘ Legnini President ‘Americo Di Benedetto, at the head of three civics, and the deputy of the Democratic Party Stefania Pezzopane, candidate of the official center-left, who gave sight to a challenge in the challenge, which ended surprisingly to the advantage of the civic, which five years ago lost to the run-off against Biondi, after winning clearly in the first round. According to projections and data not yet definitive, Biondi is around 54%, Di Benedetto 24, Pezzopane 22.

The count confirmed for Verona the surprise anticipated last night by the first exit polls: Damiano Tommasi, former midfielder of Rome and of the national team, former president of the Assocalciatori, candidate for the center-left, will present himself in the ballot after winning the first round of the elections municipal, obtaining 40% of the preferences. The split center-right was placed behind, struggling with the internal arm wrestling of the coalition, with the outgoing mayor Federico Sboarina who despite the support of Giorgia Meloni and Matteo Salvini is detached, collecting 32-32.5%. Out of the ballot the former mayor Flavio Tosi, with his civic coalition also supported by Forza Italia, stopped at 23.7-23.8%. Tommasi’s list is the first political group in the city, followed by the Democratic Party; on the other hand, Fdi supplants the League as the first coalition party, Fi (4.3%) rises in the votes but falls behind.

The referendums on Justice do not reach the quorum and stop at a participation of around 20.8%. According to the analysis of You trend, if there had not been the Municipalities, the turnout would have been 5 points lower, around 15%. But even in the administrative cities there has been a boom in blank ballots on questions. The League protests: ‘A plot against the quorum’. Anm: ‘Rejected the reform plan, now take note’. Tomorrow meeting of the ministers Cartabia and D’Incà with the group leaders of the majority in the Senate committee.

– 1 ABOLITION OF SEVERINE LAW definitive turnout 20.95%, there is no quorum – YES had 53.97% of the votes, NO 46.03%
– 2 CAUTION LIMITATION CUSTODY definitive turnout 20.95%, there is no quorum – YES had 56.12% of the votes, NO 43.88%
– 3 SEPARATION CAREERS OF MAGISTRATES definitive turnout 20.93%, there is no quorum – YES had 74.01% of the votes, NO 25.99%
– 4 EVALUATION ON JUDICIARY OPERATIONS definitive turnout 20.92%, there is no quorum – YES had 71.94% of the votes, NO 28.06%
– N.5 ABOLITION COLLECTION OF SIGNATURES ELECTIONS CSM definitive turnout 20.92%, there is no quorum – YES had 72.52% of the votes, NO 27.48%

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