“I do not hide the satisfaction of FdI. We must start by saying that the center-right asserts itself in these elections. During the campaign I heard, whoever wins these elections, wins the politics. I don’t know if he would say it again ….”. There is the return of a healthy bipolarity: center-right is clear, compact and alternative to the left. This is what the voters are asking of us. Fdi grows everywhere with very significant data. FdI is the driving force of the center-right explains its positioning. “This was stated by the leader of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, in a press conference in Via della Scrofa, commenting with satisfaction on the municipal data.

There is always high tension in the center-right despite the successes recorded in the first round in important cities, first of all Genoa and Palermo. A tension that brings the issue of leadership and the thorny controversy between Fdi and his allies on the future of the government back to the fore. And a Giorgia Meloni strong in the results obtained by her party openly challenges the allies asking them to abandon the Draghi government.

After the Five Star flop, according to Meloni, Parliament and the government no longer represent the real country. But the thrust is aimed at Salvini and Berlusconi: “If I were them I would leave the executive”, he declares in a crowded press conference on Via della Scrofa. One way in which the former Youth Minister widens the already very wide gap between her, leader of the opposition, and the so-called “center-right of the government”. Meloni goes further, asking his allies not to think even remotely about a possible proportional electoral reform. Her reading of her vote is very clear: the voters, by rewarding Fdi, have entrusted her with the role of “driving” a proud center-right “alternative to the left”, relaunching what she calls “a healthy bipolarity”. An elegant way to say that no one, starting with Forza Italia, can even imagine having possible plans B, of courting the centrist area.

Administrative, Meloni: ‘If mayors have won in the first round it is FdI’

“What already emerges clearly today is that the center-left wins when it is united, when it works in the most unified way possible, when it puts forward credible candidates. And then perhaps the most important data comes out for us at this moment, the Democratic Party is the first party of Italy “. Thus the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Lettacommenting on the administrative in a video on Instagram.

“The M5s does not reach the double digit: it is in sharp decline. Even where it changes its skin the situation is compromised: we must reflect that the first force in Parliament no longer exists in the country. Even this authority of Draghi with this spread is not such. vote questions us, I tell the allies, if we need to support Draghi and this Parliament. “” There is a majority far from the country “.

“The data that emerge from the administrative – admits Giuseppe Conte instead – do not satisfy us. We cannot look for convenient justifications. But there is a given that hurts me and it is that of abstention”. “The administrative – underlined Conte – have always been a taboo for M5s, apart from a few sessions like in Turin and Rome. But I am not here to hide behind this historical constant for the Movement”.

“If I were still a leader of the Democratic Party, I would ask myself the issue of making an alliance with the reformist center (which does well with both our candidates and those of Più Europa / Action) rather than with the grillini. We’ll see.” Thus the leader of Italia viva, Matteo Renzi comments on the electoral results in his enews.

The League’s effort to be the glue of the center-right, even sacrificing himself in the first person, is the winning way “: said the secretary of the Lega Matteo Salvini, at a press conference in via Bellerio in Milan, commenting on the results of the administrative offices and underlining among other things the” contribution “of the party in Palermo and Genoa. “The united center-right wins. The divided center-right, as in Verona, Parma and Catanzaro, could win, if ever it plays in the ballot. In Verona, for example, if he had run together, the game would have already closed, but with the ifs and buts you don’t make history “: the secretary of the League Matteo Salvini said. “Be sure of Palermo and Genoa won by the center-right with the decisive contribution of the League makes us say that in the balance between center-right and center-left, at least in this first round, the balance tends towards the center-right “, he added.” At the next policies the center-right wins only united. Those who think of other schemes do not count with the voters “: said the secretary of the Lega Matteo Salvini, at a press conference in the party headquarters in via Bellerio. “We are losing in Lodi”: the secretary of the League Matteo Salvini said at a press conference in via Bellerio talking about the Municipality where the outgoing Northern League mayor Sara Casanova was a candidate. “The League arrived with 49 mayors. If there is one more it will be good, if one less bad. But we have 82 candidates,” he added.

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