Paralyzed after Hi Darwin: Gabriele Marchetti recounted the accident that made him quadriplegic and hurled himself hard against the conductor Paolo Bonolis.

Paralyzed after Ciao Darwin: who is Gabriele Marchetti, the competitor who lashed out at Paolo Bonolis

Who is Gabriele Marchetti, the competitor who lashed out at Paolo Bonolis

Gabriele Marchetti was paralyzed afterwards Hi Darwin. At a distance of three years after the accident occurred during his participation in the format conducted by Paolo Bonolisthe competitor explained he became quadriplegic and chose to tell how his life tragically changed after falling on the reels while undergoing the proof of the “Genodrome”.

On the occasion of an interview given to Corriere della Sera, Marchetti explained: “Before that day I was a man who did a thousand things. Now it’s all over for me – and he specified -. Paolo Bonolis has never looked for me to find out how I am. Even people close to him have never contacted me. Only someone from the production at first he contacted my family by phone and by e-mail to find out about my physical condition. They made themselves available for any of our needs. But then there were no other contacts“.

Talking about his new life, Gabriele Marchesi said: “It is a succession of boring and very long days because I can not do anything, no activity. I am completely lacking in autonomy and I totally depend on my wife Sabrina and my son Simone for the performance of every daily act. I have always worked and dedicated to the family“.

Paralyzed after Hello Darwin: the story of the accident and the ongoing proceedings

At the time, before the accident, the former competitor was paralyzed afterwards Hi Darwin he remembered hearing “happy for the novelty of being able to participate in a television broadcast and have a new experience. I had shared, as always, with Simone and Sabrina this adventure. I thought I’d spend a different evening and have fun ”.

Dwelling onaccidentInstead, Gabriele Marchesi said: “I ended up in the water upside down, with my legs curled up and my arms folded. I thought I was going to drown because I couldn’t move anything. Then I heard the rescuers who intervened immediately “.

The reels on which the former competitor fell are subject of a trial against four executives: two at the top ofRtiin particular, they have been accused of very serious injuries as it was revealed that the surface had been made more slippery to make the test more difficult to deal with. In the proceedings, Marchetti is assisted by lawyers Federica Magnanti and Giovanni Ciano.

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