Who was Piero Sugarthe record artist and music producer son of Ladislao Sugar and husband of Caterina Caselli?

Piero Sugar died at 85, who was Caterina Caselli's husband music producer?

Piero Sugar died at 85, farewell to Caterina Caselli’s husband?

On the night of Sunday 12 June, Piero Sugar passed away in his Milan home at the age of 85. Born on February 7, 1937, he was the son of Ladislao Sugar, founder of Messaggerie Musicali, a record company managed by CGD. The 85-year-old started working in his father’s company at late 60s of the last centurylearning to perfection the profession of parenting, covering the role of CEO for years with enormous success.

THE funeral by Piero Sugar were organized privately at the church of San Marco in Milan on the afternoon of Monday 13 June. In fact, following the death of the man, the family chose to to live the mourning in the most total reservealso respecting the lifestyle always sported by the music producer.

Piero Sugar was married to Caterina Caselli. The singer had been spotted at the Piper in Rome by Ladislao Sugar in 1965 and had become famous for having engraved the hit No one can judge me.

The singer and the record company got married five years later, in 1970and they had a son, Philipborn in 1971.

Over the years, Caselli has decided to retire from the artistic career and undertake that of talent scout working closely with your partner. The couple, in fact, has always been very close and close-knit not only in private but also at work.

Who was Ladislao Sugar’s son and music producer?

Sugar’s death has been commented on by many artists who have posted messages of condolence to the family of the record company. Tonino Cripezzisinger and keyboardist of the Chameleons, for example, wrote: “Heartfelt condolences to Caterina Caselli and her son Filippo for the loss of her husband and father Piero Sugar ”.

Mario Lavezziinstead, he said: “Today came the sad news that Piero Sugar has left us. He has been for many years, together with Caterina Caselli, publisher and record company of many of my successes and also a friend. It is for me a deep pain. Hi Piero “.

The Minister of Culture, Dario Franceschinion the other hand, he declared: “With Piero Sugar the world of Italian entertainment loses a great protagonist: a music publisher and record producer who throughout his long career has known be ahead of the times, experiment and bet on new talents. On this sad day mI hug the pain of his wife Caterina Caselli, his son Filippo and many friends and colleagues who accompanied him throughout his life “.

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