The referendums on Justice do not reach the quorum and stop at a participation of around 20.8%. According to the analysis of You trend, if there had not been the Municipalities, the turnout would have been 5 points lower, around 15%. But even in the administrative cities there has been a boom in blank ballots on questions. The League protests: ‘A plot against the quorum’. Anm: ‘Rejected the reform plan, now take note’. Tuesday meeting of Ministers Cartabia and D’Incà with the group leaders of the majority in the Senate committee. There will be a meeting of ministers tomorrow on the reform of the CSM Marta Cartabia And Federico D’Incà with the group leaders of the majority in the Senate Justice Commission. The appointment should be held in the morning.

“The popular vote is a resounding rejection of a reform plan for the judiciary that is not welcome. It is a question of acknowledging it”. The president of the ANM Giuseppe Santalucia now invites Parliament to modify the reform of the CSM in the light of the “very strong popular indication“coming from the referendums, starting from the” categorical rejection of a separation of functions so exasperated as to be substantially careers “. The vote- he says-” gives the measure that the minister and the government are moving in the opposite direction to what the sensitivity of the electoral body “.

The senator Francesco Laforgia highlights how “the dramatic fact, even if announced, of the large abstention must question all politics, but in particular the proponents of the questions on justice, on the lunar distance between the interests of citizens and the abuse of the referendum instrument, which should be preceded by a true democratic involvement of the people and accompanied by a healthy and in-depth public debate. Neither of these two essential elements has been respected for the reasons we know “.

“Salvini did not care about the merit of the referendum nor about the democratic participation in this appointment”, continues Laforgia. “One year after the elections, he tried to reposition himself and gain a bit of support, winking here and there. And it went wrong, once again. I’m sorry for the disappointment of the townspeople who went there. at the polls with the desire to have their say and that now they feel unheard. Justice remains an issue that must be addressed, starting with Parliament“.

For the president of the senators of Italia viva, Davide Faraone, the referendum is an institution to be reformed. “Among the institutional reforms that we tried to introduce with the institutional referendums proposed by the Renzi government was that of the abrogative popular referendums. The idea was that if they were requested by at least 800,000 voters, instead of 500,000, they would also be valid if the majority of voters in the last political elections had been expressed; if requested by at least 500,000 voters but less than 800,000, or by five regional councils, the quorum of the majority of those entitled to vote would have remained unchanged “, remembers Faraone on Facebook.

“Two new types of popular referendums would also have been introduced: proactive and addressing. Who knows if after the three majorities and three different governments in a single legislature, the alternating single chamberism which in fact has supplanted the bicameralism, the now ordinary use of the emergency decree, the pandemic and the chaos of health entrusted to the regions, the crisis of the referendum institution sensationally highlighted with yesterday’s vote, they are sufficient to now understand the need and the goodness of the institutional reforms we proposed, which were rejected in the 2016 referendum “, concludes Faraone.

Nicola Zingarettigovernor of Lazio, said he was “very impressed that those who promoted the referendum then did not campaign to defend and support it. Then there may have been distractions or silences, but the novelty in this case is the almost non-existent electoral campaign of mobilization, therefore the citizens had a contradictory message. May this be a lesson for the future, we must not abuse the referendum “.

“The referendum process, as history teaches us, is difficult and very tortuous: the choice of questions, the formation of the promoting committee, the filing in the Supreme Court, the collection of signatures, the judgment of the Constitutional Court, the television spaces and finally, only finally, the quorum to be overcome “, so in a note Massimiliano Iervolino, Giulia Crivellini and Igor Bonisecretary, treasurer and president of Italian radicals. “Well, as we have been denouncing for decades, in Italy it is almost impossible to promote and win referendums: from the impossibility of collecting 500,000 authenticated and certified signatures, to the political judgment of the Constitutional Court (see rejection of the euthanasia and Cannabis referendums) through the boycott of the so-called public service of Rai and ending with the existence of a quorum that wipes out almost every popular consultation.

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