“Winning Lodi means winning the next policies”. We will see if the prediction of the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta will be correct but in the meantime the center-left looks with a little more optimism at the Lombardy regionals next year not only because it returns to govern Lodi with a coalition extended to the 5 Star Movement, but also because it takes the lead in the ballot also in Como, two of the four big cities today in the vote that it had lost in 2017.

Michele Furegato at the age of 25 became the mayor of a provincial capital, while Barbara Minghetti has a clear advantage in Como, where the center-left has also presented itself divided. Instead, Dario Allevi in ​​Monza, in search of an encore never managed by any mayor in the Brianza capital, and Roberto Di Stefano who sees confirmation close after having conquered Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) in 2017 after 70 years of left-wing administrations.

The consolation of the League is in the former Stalingrad of Italy, which instead loses the Lombard provincial capital where it had indicated one of its candidates, namely Lodi, with the outgoing mayor Sara Casanova who in 2017 was the first woman mayor in a city that the Democratic Party had governed since 2000, with two terms also of the current Minister of Defense Lorenzo Guerini, among the first to congratulate Furegato. Who of the Democratic Party is city deputy secretary, is a black belt in judo and has made himself a great gift for his 25th birthday a week ago, winning in the first round with a coalition extended by Sel to the M5S.

In reality it did not go particularly well also for the Brothers of Italy, given that Giordano Molteni, chosen by Giorgia Meloni’s party after some controversy, is not only very detached from the center-left candidate Barbara Minghetti but struggles to get to the ballot in Como, where turnout stopped at 44.3%, the lowest ever. Even in Sesto San Giovanni less than one in two voters went to vote, but Di Stefano, who passed from Forza Italia to the League during his term, could win already in the first round.

The center-left candidate in Crema has a clear advantage, Fabio Bergamaschi, who aims to succeed the mayor of the Pd Stefania Bonaldi. Among the great centers of the Milanese hinterland, the center-right has the advantage in Abbiategrasso and Melegnano while it may not even reach the ballot in San Donato Milanese.

Mistress Doha Zaghi, mayor candidate for the Gay-Lgbt + Solidale party in San Bartolomeo Val Carvargna, less than a thousand inhabitants in the province of Como, took only 81 votes, after being excluded by Carlo Calenda in the Como lists.

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