The former mayor of Genoa has diedGiuseppe Pericu was 84 years old: the politician led the Ligurian capital for a decade.

The former mayor of Genoa died, Giuseppe Pericu was 84 years old: he led the city for a decade

The former mayor of Genoa died, Giuseppe Pericu was 84 years old: funeral

The former mayor of Genoa, Giuseppe Pericu, died at the age of 84. The politician led the Ligurian city for a decade and was one of the most respected and authoritative mayors. Pericu was not only known in the political sphere but he was also esteemed in context forensic and academic in consideration of his illustrious career as a lawyer and university professor.

In recent weeks, the politician had often intervened to comment on the political situation in Genoa and Liguria in consideration of the administrative elections which took place on Sunday 12 June.

According to reports, Pericu has suddenly disappeared due to a rapid worsening of your health condition.

Furthermore, on the basis of the information disseminated so far, Giuseppe Pericu is expected at his house located in Albaro, district of Genoa. The politician was assisted by the family and give it operators of Gigi Ghirotti.

Following the news of the disappearance, many people from the political and non-political world have sent messages of condolence to the academician’s family.

Regarding the funeral, it was reported that the funeral it will be celebrated on the morning of Wednesday 15 June, around 10:00, in the church of Sant’Antonio di Boccadasse.

He led the city for a decade: education and political career

Born on 20 October 1937 in Genoa, Pericu had Sardinian origins on his father’s side. In the Ligurian capital, he attended the classical high school at the Vittorino da Feltre and then graduated in Law with a thesis in administrative law. The former mayor then taught the same discipline at the University of Milan and at the University of Genoa.

For 60 years, he played the career as a lawyer while his entry into politics is dated 1994 with the election to Parliament as a deputy of the Socialist Party.

He held the role of mayor of Genoa for ten yearsbeing elected for the first time on November 30, 1997.

As for his private life, Pericu was married to Carla Ghislieri, died in 2011 at the age of 70 after an illness. The couple had two children: Andrewa lawyer by profession, e Silviaarchitect.

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