To the South the outcome of the vote in the major municipalities where thePd-M5S alliance does not deliver a clear answer to the PD’s question about the strength of its first potential ally in the wide field, the 5 stars.

TO Palermo the center-right candidate for mayor Roberto Lagalla, with about 47.6% of the preferences, would snatch the leadership of the municipality from the center-left in the first round, who held the reins for five terms with Leoluca Orlando (Pd). The candidate of the M5S and the Democratic Party, Franco Miceli, follows with 20 points behind, despite the controversy that characterized his opponent’s electoral campaign. Lagalla, in addition to obtaining the support of Cuffaro and Dell’Utri, definitively convicted of mafia, has also had to deal with the arrest of two candidate advisors of his coalition in recent days.

TO TarantoOn the other hand, where according to the first data the ballot would not be necessary, the yellow-red alliance led the outgoing mayor Rinaldo Melucci to obtain about 62% of the votes: Melucci, already much appreciated by the citizens for his environmental battles against the he pollution produced by large industrial centers, and in particular due to its ordinance which ordered the closure of the hot area of ​​the former Ilva, had been disheartened last November. But the center left has compacted to support him with the M5S. In the last glimpses of the electoral campaign, it was former premier Giuseppe Conte who reached the Ionian capital for the final sprint: the president of the Movement reaffirmed his commitment to the people of Taranto so that the right to work and health are finally together in the city. Melucci’s direct opponent, the former provincial secretary of the Democratic Party Walter Musillo, supported in this race at the city palace by the center-right, would get about 30 percentage points less.

A special case is that of Barletta, in the Apulian province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, where the candidacy of Santa Scommegna divided the center-left and led the Pentastellati to run alone. The result, according to the first projections, is that the center-right candidate, the former mayor Cosimo Cannito, is in the lead with about 45% of the votes. Bet follows him with 33% while the candidate of the M5S, Maria Angela Carone, collects about 2% of the preferences. Carmine Doronzo, supported by the Italian Left and Italia Viva, collects 19%.

Not even a Catanzaro, in Calabria, based on the first available data, the Pd-M5S duo would have managed to bring the candidate for mayor Nicola Fiorita to victory in the first round who would stop about 16 points behind Valerio Donato (Fi-Lega) in the lead with over the 47%. The yellow-red agreement seems to work in Nola, in Campania, where Carlo Buonauro is ahead with 51% of the preferences over the opponent Maurizio Barbato who follows him with 46.4%.

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