It is right that it ends like this, with Luca Palamara which even allows itself to comment on the referendum on justice, while on the other channel Totò Cuffaro he is blessing the results of the Palermo elections.


The former councilor of the CSM Palamara was keen to say that the disastrous referendum on justice “serves to restore authority to a dented judiciary” and observing him while he gives us lessons of integrity, he, disbarred for unworthiness from the judiciary, it is impossible not to agree with him .

Palamara in the chair

“That Italy needs a justice reform – explains Palamara – is a fact that can no longer be ignored. It serves to restore authority to a judiciary dented in the image by the excessive power of the currents and it serves because citizens, as required by our Constitution, have the right to have a just, quick and impartial justice, non-politicized judges who judge them and a quick trial that does not last decades “.

The declaration, like all Palamara’s declarations, is an inconsistent round of smoke useful only for him to continue to deserve some press clippings (trusting that he still exists for the next political elections after the bad personal result in the supplementary) and to those who want to see in this referendum debacle, however, an opportunity to guarantee the construction of an upcoming climate of impunity.

During the referendum campaign we saw several of Palamara: choosing former convicts as testimonials together with people who have had and still have evident problems with justice contributed to the de-legitimization of the issue of guarantee (which is instead a very serious issue that in this country would have need broad popular reflection) waved only as a hairy pursuit of impunity.

Palamara who?

For this reason it is worth remembering that Palamara is the one who only in an unfortunate country like ours could become a positive model when he confessed to being a manipulator of currents and influences within the judiciary (another Pulcinella secret that we would have could have easily let us explain by any other magistrate, maybe honest) and when he thought of revealing to us that belonging to certain worlds favors a professional career, not only in the judiciary.

It is Palamara himself who speaks of the judiciary from which he was disbarred not because of the aversion of the “strong powers”, as he would like us to believe, but because “he made his functions and powers available in exchange for various utilities”.

Palamara: a question of credibility

The day after a referendum that should put the proponents and party leaders to shame we have to put up with the lesson of morality from those who have become an occult partner of a beach in Olbia, Costa Smeralda, making it payable to an accountant friend, to oil the trial against. of relatives of entrepreneurs (this is the thesis of the Prosecutor of Perugia), just to mention the latest investigation concerning him.

Palamara is the perfect photograph of this referendum: vultures on fundamental issues that are useful to the most vulgar right in its war that for 30 years has been carrying out against the judiciary by all means.

“Beyond the numerical data – Palamara said – the referendum must be considered a goad for the legislator to proceed towards a structural reform of justice that does not represent a simple hot panel”.

He is absolutely right: the goad that comes from this referendum lies in the clear message that people like Palamara, like Salvini, like Berlusconians of all sorts and like Renzians do not allow themselves to get their hands on justice. Credibility, first of all.

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