Administrative elections 2022who are the mayors elected in the first round and in which cities it will be necessary to go to the ballot.

Administrative elections 2022, who are the mayors elected in the first round and where the ballot will be necessary

Administrative elections 2022, who are the mayors elected in the first round

The results from the 2022 administrative elections show that the center-right is able to guarantee victory when it runs together. Furthermore, the new electoral round is also establishing new balances within the coalitions with Brothers of Italy dominating the League and the PD who managed to hold fast at the pollscontrary to the 5 Star Movement.

As for the counting, in some of the major Italian cities the election of mayors took place as early as first roundand the need to resort to the ballot was therefore ruled out.

One of the mayors to have been elected in the first round with about 48% of the votes was Roberto Lagalla in Palermo. In fact, in the Sicilian capital, it is sufficient to exceed the 40% threshold of preferences to be elected and not go to the ballot. The new mayor, expression of the center-right, picks up the baton of Leoluca Orlando and has overtaken his opponent Franco Miceli by about 10 percentage points.

TO Genoathe mayor Marco Bucci was confirmed for a second term: also in this case, just like in Palermo, the mayor of the Ligurian capital was elected in the first round.

Also to L’Aquilathe center-right candidate and outgoing mayor Pierluigi Bondi won in the first round of the municipal.

Where the ballot will be necessary

In other Italian cities, however, the results of the 2022 administrative elections made it necessary to resort to ballotto be held on June 26th.

TO Catanzarofor example, the professor of Private Law at the Magna Grecia University of Catanzaro will compete against each other, Valerio Donatoand the professor of Canon Law and Ecclesiastical Law at the University of Calabria, Nicola Fiorida.

In Parma, the clash will concern the center-left candidate Michele Guerra And Pietro Vignali, proposed by the center-right without the support of the Brothers of Italy. At the moment, Guerra is given at about 44% while Vignali at 22%.

TO Veronacitizens will be called to the polls again to choose the new mayor among Damiano Tommasiformer midfielder of Roma and of the national team as well as former president of the Assocalciatori and candidate of the center-left, and Federico Sboarinaoutgoing mayor who gravitates in the center-right coalition.

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