Abraham Yehoshuathe Israeli writer who narrated the complexity of the Jewish world and fought for peace with Palestine died.

Abraham Yehoshua, the Israeli writer dies: age, books and illness

Abraham Yehoshua, the Israeli writer died: he narrated the complexity of the Jewish world

Writer Abraham Yehoshua is died at the age of 85 after struggling for a long time with one disease. In 2016, the wife of the writer had suddenly died: what had happened had deeply marked and in numerous interviews released in recent times he had often claimed to wait for death with serenityexplaining: “Death is a gift we give to our grandchildren, we leave them space”.

In interviews, however, he had also often revealed himself to be very concerned about the political and social future of Israel and also of the whole world.

Abraham Yehoshua was born in Jerusalem in 1936. In his youth, he had enlisted in theIsraeli army and had studied atUniversity of Jerusalem. Subsequently, he had had important experiences abroad moving between Paris and Oxford to teach at theHaifa University.

Together with other writers such as David Grossman and Amoz Oz, Yehoshua has decided to fight and promote a peaceful solution to the dramatic conflict between Israel and Palestine. In his later years, he had appeared extremely on the subject disillusioned from the various failures collected and, instead of peace, he now preferred to discuss partnership between peoples.

Age, books and disease

As for his activity of writerAbraham Yehoshua has been featured since New York Times like the “Israeli Faulkner”. Like many writers of his generation, Yehoshua also aimed to examine human behavior and the relationship of the individual with society and memory.

He was a careful and inscrutable observer of Jewish identity and has always shown a strong curiosity about Palestinian cultural background. In this regard, in fact, he has always considered Israel and Palestine strongly connected to each other due to the heavy burden of past traumas that the two realities have in common.

Among his most famous books can be cited: The lover of 2005; The liberated bride of 2002; Return from India of 1997; The lost scene of 2011; The human resources manager of 2018; The appearance of 2015.

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