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Drawing national political assessments from administrative elections is a dangerous and often useless game, however, some interesting ideas around one cannot but glimpse. Palermo seems to have gone back thirty years. Not only because of the shadow of the mafia that led to the arrest of a candidate shortly before the elections but because the noise all around is the same painful taste of the darkest times.


Administrative elections, Cuffaro landed again on national televisions with the attitude of a noble father

The center-right candidate strongly wanted and supported by Dell’Utri and Cuffato scored an easy victory. Cuffaro even landed again on national televisions with the attitude of a noble father. Not bad for the thirtieth anniversary of Falcone and Borsellino: an election with these contours was not imagined even in the worst nightmares.

The center-right wins in the first round in Palermo with Roberto Lagalla (in the photo), and in all likelihood also in Genoa and L’Aquila, respectively with Marco Bucci And Pierluigi Biondi. In Verona the surprise is Damiano Tommasito the ballot with Sboarina (FdI), proving that serious people work and how.

In Parma the center-left is ahead while the former center-right mayor loses Pietro Vignali. A fact that was expected: the League collapses. Salvini loses his outgoing mayor of Lodi, Sara Casanovawhere the center-left wins in the first round with Andrea Furegato. The League loses the confrontation with FdI both in Parma and Verona. The new Matteo Salvini is Giorgia Melonieven if Salvini tries to minimize while trying to recover from the blow of the referendum.

Bad, very bad also the 5 Star Movement. Perhaps one should have the courage to acknowledge that Giuseppe Conte (for reasons that one should be willing to analyze) fails to stop the decline of the party. And in fact, needless to say, Renzi and company singer (always hidden in the lists of the others) have already jumped to Letta’s neck to invite them to do the center-center-center-left with them.

In the meantime, Salvini and Meloni have already begun to argue over upcoming policies, with the polls still closed. The scenario is more than worrying. A curiosity: in Ventotene the candidate for mayor Adinolfi with the People of the family got zero votes. Too many too. Reality is not a gala dinner.

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