“The best thing in life is to go from pianissimo to fortissimo. This is my story and I tell it on stage”. What starts from the stadiums is a Cesare Cremonini who takes back the large spaces to fill them with art, made up of songs. The rule is to stage the world that changes and changes together with Caesar. The playing field is instead the tour, designed for large arenas, with a production that aims to last over time, in the different guises that it could take once the stadiums are over and towards 2023 “This is an artistic project – explained Cremonini – which I hope will have a long life. What we live is a reality that is now so digitalized that, at a certain point, many things are trashed to ‘free up space’. The live experience is still real, true, dangerous and exciting at the time itself. The numbers no longer indicate potential success over time. Vasco’s 98 thousand at Imola were epochal. Today you can do double but without going into history. Maybe I would have disappeared without projects with a spark inside “. On stage with Cremonini a full band with the faithful Nicola ‘Ballo’ Balestri on bass to Gary Novak on drums, passing by Bruno Zucchetti on keyboards, Alessandro De Crescenzo on guitars and Davide Rossi on violin. Antony King, former sound engineer of Depeche Mode, takes care of the sounds. The show is a story of twenty years of career and life, from ‘The Girl of the Future’ to ‘A better day’, passing from ‘Il comico’, ‘Something great’ introduced in acoustic with guitar in hand, ‘Greygoose’, ‘Hello’ between fire and flames on the piano, ‘The new Broadway star’, a poignant ‘Moonwalk’ and all the others between past and present. The piano, the forte and the fortissimo in the manner of Cremonini. “After Lunapop – he explained – my live solo career began with free concerts in the square, where the dressing room was the barber shop. I believed in what I was doing and I wanted to reach as many people as possible. sports halls and theaters. Someone told me that I couldn’t get to stadiums but I had Freddie Mercury tattooed on my arm, I wanted to be a performer. There is no X Factor to learn to be on stage. do you have, or not “. In the lineup, as a watershed between one block and another of the live, there is also a virtual duet with Lucio Dalla, on the notes of ‘Stella di Mare’. “It is a love song that really looks like a love song – explained Cremonini – unlike others by Dalla, always mysterious around the theme. I asked the Dalla Foundation and Sony to extract the original voice of the song from master, apparently kept in a forest in Germany. From the recording you can hear sounds that are not on the records. I had this crazy idea of ​​duet with him and bring him back where he needs to be, in a great concert. Lucio’s voice is so powerful that seem alive “. A show with a narrative thread dedicated to over twenty years of career. “I want to change the way I play in stadiums – he explained – a bit like my way of making albums has changed: independently as long as possible, even risking making mistakes. Each artist has a task that goes beyond his personal goals and convenience. Being a performer as I understand it also means bringing more ‘theatrical’ artistic projects to stadiums “. The ‘Cremonini Stadi 2022’, after Milan, will head for Turin, Padua, Florence, Bari, Rome, to close at the Imola racetrack, home of music and motors, on 2 July.