Benzina sempre più cara. Prezzi fuori controllo per le speculazioni

From Rome to Berlin, from London to New York, there is a high alarm on fuel. On Saturday in our country there were new upward movements on recommended prices: in particular Eni and IP revised upwards by two cents petrol and diesel, Tamoil by two cents for green and diesel by three. Absorbing the round of increases of the last week, the prices at the pump are consequently in strong growth.

Gasoline more and more expensive.  Prices out of control for speculation

Eni and IP have revised upwards by two cents the prices of petrol and diesel, Tamoil by two for green and three for diesel

Coming to the detail of the Italian network, based on the elaboration of Energy Newspaper of the data communicated by the operators to the Mise Price Observatory updated at 8 am on 12 June, the national average price of petrol in self mode rises to 2,043 euros / liter. The average price of the diesel self goes to 1,972 euros / liter. As for the service, for petrol the average price charged increases to 2,167 euros / liter. The average diesel served reaches 2.102 euros / liter. The prices charged for LPG range from 0.835 to 0.850 euros / liter. Finally, the average price of CNG for cars fell slightly, ranging between 1.704 and 1.891.

A new surge in prices that leads Rome and Berlin to question the effects caused by the cut in excise duties decided by their respective governments. And in light of the increases, it can be said that both in Germany and in Italy the tax rebate has really brought little benefit to motorists. The different countries try to run for cover as they can.

The German government has made it known that it will strengthen the powers of the Antitrust Authority to enable it to fight any speculation on the fuel market better and more quickly. And the UK Competition and Market Authority has announced the launch of a lightning-fast investigation into the record spike in pump gas costs. And in Italy?

There will be a new decree on utility bills and fuel

There will be a new decree on bills and fuel, announces the undersecretary of the Mef Alessandra Sartore. Last week the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, explained that any extension of the discount on fuels (which expires on 8 July) “depends on what the economic and financial situation will be. It is difficult to make predictions. We will see what the trend will be. The current increase in prices is due to an increase in the cost of crude oil ”. And to speculations.

In the first five months of the year, from 1,320 targeted interventions on the price of fuel dispensers for motorists, the Guardia di Finanza found 690 violations. In practice, just over one offense for every two checks (52.3%). These are violations that concern both the mandatory communication to the Ministry of Economic Development of the cost at the petrol pump and compliance with the obligations of communication and display of prices. There are not a few cases in which the Fiamme Gialle have detected fraud, anti-competitive maneuvers or even unfair commercial practices.

And so amidst suspicions of speculation and the risk that international tensions further fuel the surge, the pressure of the parties on the Rome government is growing to intervene to contain the effects on families and businesses already exhausted by months of rises.

The measure of a cap on the selling price of fuels for the whole summer comes from the Democratic Party (the proposal is among the 2,337 amendments presented to the Aid decree) which proposes to fix it for 60 days with a Dpcm. The idea finds the applause of consumers, according to which indeed the measure should not be limited to the summer but extended to the whole year. There is “need to renew the discounts for petrol and diesel by June, in addition to electricity and gas bills,” says the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini.

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