Thanks to the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, 50 million euros could change the face of the Roman coast. An opportunity that, however, according to the Capitoline councilor of the 5 Star Movement, Paolo Ferrararisks being lost.


Gualtieri forgets the beaches of Rome

What happened? During the last council, Roma Capitale had presented a series of projects to be implemented thanks to funds from the NRP. Among these there was one, signed by the former M5S president of Municipality X, Giovanna Di Pillowhich included a major redevelopment of the entire waterfront, with a total investment of 50 million euros, money which, according to Ferrara, would disappear into thin air.

The truth is that they have not disappeared, but they have never really been requested by the government. The task, in fact, would now fall to the mayor Roberto Gualtieri which, however, it seems, is not moving in that direction. Yet his councilor for Tourism and Major Events, Alessandro Onoratolast April he said it was time to take Ostia to the world.

How, however, is not known. “Since the new administration took office”, comments Ferrara, “this project is no longer talked about in any corner of the Capitol, much less in the Commissions, let alone in the Town Hall … A real detective story”.

In the project, which had the objective of encouraging the economic growth of the area with the construction of a new pedestrian coast, almost 15 million euros were destined for the reconstruction of ten kilometers of roads, while 5 million euros for the construction of exchange parking lots. in the stations of Ostia Centro and Ostia Cristoforo Colombo.

An investment of 1 million was planned to redevelop the pier and piazza dei Ravennati and over 800 thousand euros for the enhancement of public lighting on the waterfront arteries.

The Pnrr project for the coast

The list of works proposed also shows the desire to create sports play areas and shaded areas, as well as the setting up of marble benches. To make the waterfront “smart”, however, by creating luminous pedestrian crossings and installing tourist totems and webcams, 850 thousand euros would have been needed.

In short, for Ostia, for residents and tourists, all this would certainly have represented a real revolution. But the current Pd-led administration of the sea of ​​Ostia, in fact, does not seem to care much.

Proof? The situation of degradation in which free beaches find themselves, as well as the chaos that characterized the start of the bathing season: evident inconveniences for people with disabilities, unable to reach the shore, calls for the management of free beaches late and often not assigned, and the absence – despite the announcements – of a beach reserved for dogs and their owners.

“All clues”, says Ferrara, “that lead to a sea of ​​Rome that is increasingly neglected and left to itself”.

“Yet”, he recalls, “our Administration has invested 40 million in public works for the coast in the last part of the council, promoted the world skateboarding championship at the Ostia Skatepark, restored legality, created new free beaches and started planning new tenders to give them all the services. All things disappeared and of which nothing is known anymore. Now, however, there are no more steps forward, or even worse, they try to go back. Because? Looking at the results of their management, it seems that they are ruining the Sea of ​​Rome from all points of view: denying even the money from the PNRR would be the final affront for the citizens of Municipality X, and for all Romans “.

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